MIUI Wonder Center, the new Xiaomi app for all your devices

Shortly we will receive MIUI Wonder Center to unify the ecosystem, in this case it will serve to share video, music, photos and apps between Xiaomi devices . The details are not clear yet, but it aims to be a multimedia center focused on Xiaomi products.

MIUI Wonder Center will require one of the phones that are going to update to MIUI 13, although actually sharing content from a phone to other computers is simple. The new app will focus on sending multimedia between smart TVs, speakers, smart screens and laptops , in principle all belonging to Xiaomi.

Possibly MIUI Wonder Center is announced as a feature of MIUI 13, the imminent update layer with which Xiaomi will customize Android 12. And it is that sending content between some devices of the brand is not as intuitive as it should , something that other manufacturers are already solving.

Huawei, Xiaomi’s great rival in China, has long offered advanced functions to move content between devices in its ecosystem. For example, send a call to a TV or a smart speaker, or songs that we are playing.

These are the compatible smart TVs from Xiaomi:

  1. My 32, 40, 43, 50, 55, 58 and 65 inch TV 4A.
  2. My 43, 55, 65, 65 Pro and 75-inch 4S TV.
  3. My TV 4C 40, 43, 50 and 58 inches.
  4. My TV 5A 43, 50 and 55 inches.
  5. My 43 inch 5S TV.
  6. Redmi TV 32 inch
  7. My 55 inch 4X TV.
  8. My TV Full Screen Pro 43, 55 and 65 inches.
  9. My TV 5/5 Pro 55, 65 and 75 inches.
  10. Redmi Max 86 and 98 inches.
  11. My TV Master 82 inches.
  12. My TV 6 OLED 55 and 65 inches.

Imagen - MIUI Wonder Center, la nueva app de Xiaomi para todos

These are the smart speakers and displays compatible with MIUI Wonder Center:

  1. Xiaomi Sound.
  2. Xiaomi AI Speaker (2 gen).
  3. Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker and Xiaoai Speaker Pro.
  4. Redmi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker and Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro
  5. Xiaomi Xiaoai Speaker Touch Screen Pro.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 tablets and the entire range of Xiaomi and Redmi laptops are also compatible, however the mobiles that will support it have not been specified. Perhaps it is directly those with MIUI 13, or the MIUI Wonder Center approach is not based so much on smartphones as the rest of the ecosystem.

For now there are many details to know about MIUI Wonder Center , the few details revealed and its compatibility suggest a multimedia center with synchronization in the cloud between devices, but we will have to wait to know MIUI 13 and Xiaomi 12 to confirm it.