Learn how to disable call forwarding on any mobile

cómo desactivar el desvío de llamadas

Were you looking for how to deactivate call forwarding on your mobile? This is one of those super useful functionalities that has been around for years, but very few people know how to master it correctly. Sometimes it is something that is done directly from the settings of your mobile, while other times it is a process that works with an MMI code. However, whatever your modality, here we will teach you how to disable call forwarding on your mobile .

What is call forwarding and why would you want to remove it?

qué es el desvío de llamadas

As its name suggests, call forwarding is a service that allows you to redirect an incoming call to another mobile phone with a different line. It’s especially useful if you have multiple devices and only want to go out with one at some point. It is also useful if you want to manage all the calls from a single mobile or to communicate with you if your main line is busy or without coverage.

There is no additional fee for the caller , but the diversion from your first line to the second will be charged to you. This is perhaps its biggest problem and the main reason to remove it, because when you stop needing the detour you will not want to continue paying for it because it is activated, right? The same happens if you no longer have several active lines or if your mobile is stolen at some point, then why have it active?

If any of these scenarios is yours (or not) and you want to learn how to remove call forwarding on your mobile, then you have come to the right place. Keep reading and you will find the answer you are looking for.

How to disable call forwarding on Android

cómo desactivar el desvío de llamadas en tu móvil android

Being the Google operating system the most used in mobiles around the world, we could not start this tutorial on the other hand. It is very easy to deactivate call forwarding on Android, as it is an option that is available to everyone in the call application of your mobile. You just have to do the following:

  1. Open the “Phone” application on your Android smartphone.
  2. Press the three dots icon and go to “Settings” .
  3. Select the option “Calling accounts” (or telephone).
  4. Choose the line for which you want to disable call forwarding.
  5. Click on “Call forwarding” .
  6. Turn all the diversion options you find to “Off” (there are usually four).

Ready! With that you will have deactivated call forwarding on your Android mobile. Also, if you want to re-enable it, you just have to follow the same steps, but in the sixth add a diversion line and that’s it.

The option to disable call forwarding may change your location or name at each manufacturer due to layers of customization. However, you will almost always find it within the same phone app of your mobile.

How to remove call forwarding on an iPhone

cómo desactivar el desvío de llamadas en tu móvil iphone ios

Is it possible to disable call forwarding on an iPhone? The answer is yes, it is even easier than on Android. In this case you will have to follow fewer steps to achieve it, so do not worry because you will not miss:

  1. Enter the settings menu of your iPhone.
  2. Go to “Phone .”
  3. Tap on “Call forwarding” .
  4. Deactivate the divert function.

After deactivating the call forwarding service, you will begin to receive all of them directly on your mobile and not on another as was happening to you. It’s easy right?

How to remove call forwarding on your mobile with MMI codes

deshabilitar desvío de llamadas con código mmi

As we mentioned above, call forwarding can also be disabled in another way, via MMI codes. These are secret dialing codes that tell your mobile to do one thing or another, they are almost always universal and rarely have to do directly with your operator.

However, this time we will detail separately the process for each of the three main telephone companies in Spain. The reason? So that you do not fail in your attempt to disable this feature. Let’s go there?

Disabling call forwarding on Vodafone is very easy

cómo deshabilitar el desvío de llamadas en vodafone

To remove call forwarding in Vodafone you just have to dial one or more of the MMI codes that we will indicate below in the phone application of your mobile. The amount will depend on the type of diversion that you are going to disable, being able to change only one global setting or three individual ones. What codes should you dial? These:

  • To deactivate the diversion of all calls: dial ## 21 # and press call.
  • Remove the diversion when your line is busy / busy: dial ## 67 # and call.
  • Disable forwarding when your mobile is turned off or without coverage: dial ## 62 # and call.
  • Deactivate call forwarding when you do not answer: dial ## 61 # and press call.

Deactivate call forwarding in Movistar with these MMI codes

cómo quitar desvío de llamadas en movistar

To cancel the call redirection service on Movistar lines, you just have to follow a process identical to that of Vodafone. You take your mobile, open the calling app, dial the corresponding MMI code, call and that’s it . Here we leave you the codes you need.

  • Dial the code ## 21 # to deactivate the redirection of all the calls you receive.
  • Dial ## 67 # and call to disable the redirection service when your line is busy.
  • Remove the redirection of calls by mobile without coverage or off by typing ## 62 # .
  • If you want to disable call forwarding on Orange lines when you do not answer, dial ## 61 # .

How to deactivate call forwarding in Orange

cómo quitar desvío de llamadas en orange

We end with Orange and, as you can imagine, the deactivation of the forwarding service is carried out with the same codes as in the other operators. However, Orange also allows disabling the service from its “My Orange” application for Android and iOS. How? A) Yes:

  1. If you don’t have it, download and install “My Orange” on your mobile from the application store.
  2. Open the application on your mobile.
  3. Log in with your Orange account and password.
  4. Go to the “My Line” menu .
  5. Deactivate the “Voicemail / Call Forwarding” option .
  6. You can also access the submenu of that option and deactivate the forwarding only under certain conditions.
Mi Orange

Price: Free

‎Mi Orange

Price: Free

Never again will a call diverted to your mobile bother you for not removing this service. And if by chance you did not find your telephone operator in this article, don’t worry, because the MMI secret dialing code is the same. Try deactivating call forwarding on the lines of the MásMóvil or Esukaltel group and you will see that it works the same way.

Do you know any other method?