Thank you for downloading CuteRank, one of the most convenient tool to check up your keyword positions on multiple search engines, please follow this Startup Wizard to start tracking your keyword positions.

Step 1. Enter Your Website URL

Step 1
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Step 2. Add Keywords for Website

You can manually input your keyword for the website, or you can simply use “Auto Detect Keywords” button to let CuteRank automatically detect keywords from the meta tag. You can later import as many keywords as you want. Here we use “Auto Detect Keywords”.

Step 2
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After CuteRank has detected keywords from you website, click “OK” to add these keywords

Step 3. Select the Search Engines

Select the search engines you want to track your keyword position on from more than 300 search engines. Please use the advanced filters to quickly select the search engines. For example let’s select all search engines for USA.

Step 3
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It’s Done!

CuteRank will now automatically checking all your keywords positions on your selected search engines! It’s really simple and easy!

Step 4
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