It is false, the Nothing Phone (1) Lite does not exist

nothing phone (1) lite desmentido por nothing

The launch of the Nothing Phone (1) is reliable proof of that saying that says “for one of lime, another of sand”. And it is that the first Nothing mobile has not been exempt from criticism for its screen and performance, but neither has it been praised for its fantastic resistance and design.

This duality has raised different rumors around the company, one of the most notorious being that of a possible Nothing Phone (1) Lite. It is logical to think that Nothing will launch more smartphones in the coming months and years, but this time the rumors failed: there will be Nothing Phone (1) Lite , something that the company itself confirmed.

Nothing denies that it is going to launch a Nothing Phone (1) Lite

no habra nothing phone (1) lite es mentira

A couple of days ago a rumor began to circulate that Nothing would present a cut-down version of their Nothing Phone (1) . It would lose some features of the standard version, it would be cheaper and it would be called Nothing Phone (1) Lite.

This rumor quickly reached the door of the company, who was responsible for publicly denying it. According to Nothing, the Nothing Phone (1) Lite does not exist and they do not intend to launch it later.

This statement makes all the sense in the world, as Nothing is just opening a niche in the market with its first device. Thus, launching a second mobile in such a short time would divide the effort to position itself, in addition to requiring greater investment in development and marketing.

Besides, it is important to remember who is in charge of this manufacturer, none other than Mr. Carl Pei, former director of OnePlus Global. What does that have to do with this? Simple, that Pei already has experience in launching new mobile brands thanks to OnePlus, and knows well what should not be done.

The rumor of the Nothing Phone (1) Lite comes from India and they even dared to give specifications

nothing phone (1) lite rumores especificaciones

Now, after reading the above, you are probably wondering where the Nothing Phone (1) Lite rumor came from. It originated in India thanks to a report by The Mobile Indian , which claimed that the company was working on this mobile.

Not having enough with that statement, the medium dared to point out many of the features that the hypothetical Nothing Phone (1) Lite would bring. According to their sources, these would be the specifications :

  • 6.55” AMOLED screen with Full HD+ resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ processor with Adreno 642L graphics.
  • 50 MP + 50 MP dual rear camera and 16 MP front camera.
  • RAM memory from 6 GB and internal storage from 128 GB.
  • It would not include the rear LED lighting of the standard model.
  • It would not include wireless charging .
  • The battery capacity would increase up to 5,000 mAh.

As you can see, the screen, processor and cameras would supposedly remain the same. However, the Nothing Phone (1) Lite would have a variant with less RAM and storage than the standard version.

Besides, this device would lose two of the main attractions of its older brother: rear LED lighting and wireless charging. All this, to be sold from 24,999 rupees, about 312 euros at the current exchange rate .

Would the Nothing Phone (1) Lite be an attractive mobile with these specifications? Maybe for some people, but the truth is that losing the LED lighting and wireless charging weighs a lot. Basically, it would be a mid-range mobile like any other , without too much appeal to venture to try an unknown brand.