Is it a good idea to buy a TV in 2022? 3 Reasons why yes

Are you considering buying a new TV ? Do you think 2022 is the right year? Buying a TV is not a decision that should be taken lightly, as it is a fairly expensive device that should last for many years. Today we ask ourselves if 2022 is a good year to renew the TV , why and the best options you have to do it. We already told you that the 2022 Soccer World Cup and the 2022 Cyber Wow are the protagonists of this story. Here are the main reasons!


1. The World Cup in Qatar

In 2022 the World Cup is held in Qatar , an event that lasts about a month and is only held every 4 years. It is one of the most followed television events in the world and one of the best times to renew televisions.

If you like football you can enjoy the World Cup with a new television for the occasion. Our recommendation is that you start looking as soon as possible to have time and not run out of time. As the World Cup approaches, the stock will be reduced in stores.

2. Cyber Wow 2022 makes it easy for you

Another reason is that this year the Cyber Wow 2022 begins in a few days with rock-bottom prices. It is a unique opportunity to buy televisions at the best price and to be able to take advantage of all the offers together.

These types of commercial events give you the opportunity to buy all the offers at the same time and be able to choose the one that suits you best.

3. Prices are falling

The year of world competition in the world of televisions is incredible, and this causes prices to drop. In addition, AMOLED panels are becoming cheaper. Without a doubt, this year is one of the best to get one of these devices.

All brands will adjust their prices to the maximum in order to get the biggest piece of the cake. We encourage you to buy prices from previous years and you will see that 2022 is a very good option to renew this important appliance.

Extra: if it is intelligent, much better

As an extra we are going to recommend that, if you buy a new TV, it should be smart. You must make sure that it is a Smart TV and that it has the possibility of installing applications such as Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime .

This will make your life easier when searching for content and being able to play content from your mobile. If you buy a new television in 2022, it must be, yes or yes, Smart TV. In the event that you find a very good offer for a television without Smart TV, you should know the options of Google and Amazon .

The Google TV or Amazon Fire TV are very cheap devices that you can connect to the back of the television and that will give you access to applications of all kinds. It is better if it is integrated into the television, but if it is not possible, they are very good alternatives.

So now you know, if you were thinking of renewing your television , you should know that 2022 is a very good year. Even if you don’t like football, you can take advantage of the offers derived from the World Cup in Qatar, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.