If you send a photo to this WhatsApp Bot, it turns it into a Sticker

Are you ready to see the best thing that has ever happened to WhatsApp ? The possibility of creating bots like the ones on Telegram has opened the doors to very interesting functions in the messaging app. Today we are going to show you the most interesting function that you have in WhatsApp if you use Stickers in your day to day. A user has created a WhatsApp Bot that turns any photo you send into a Sticker . At the moment and with dozens of possibilities!

Create a sticker by sending a photo to this Bot

Now you can forget about the applications to create stickers that are for Android or IOS . If what you want is to create a Sticker from a photo in your gallery, now everything is easier. You just have to add the number ” +54 92233471692 ” to your contact list and give it the name you want.

If you go to WhatsApp and search for it, it will appear as one more contact. The magic comes when you send him the following message ” !Stickers “. It will send you a list of different automatic actions that it can perform. The list goes from turning a photo into a sticker to turning text into a sticker or videos into an animated sticker .

You simply have to select a photo from your gallery and send it with the command you prefer . If it is a photograph, the most normal thing is to send it with ” !S “. A second later this bot will send you the sticker so you can use it.

We have tested it several times and it works perfectly . It is an incredible tool if you like WhatsApp stickers but you are too lazy to create them with apps or from your computer.

Take a look at the list of possibilities, add the WhatsApp bot and start enjoying the simplest and fastest sticker creation of the moment.