If you have this operator you can enjoy unlimited Google Photos

Google Fotos vuelve a ser ilimitado pero solo si tienes este operador

When Google launched its photo and video cloud storage service in mid-2015, many became users of this platform. Not only because it is another of the many great G apps that come pre-installed by default on Android devices, but also because Google Photos initially offered unlimited storage for free .

However, everything changed from 2021. As of June 1 of that year, Google Photos is no longer free and unlimited. Now, each user has only 15 GB to store photos and videos in the cloud. Is there any chance that Google Photos will be unlimited again? Yes, thanks to an American operator that has teamed up with the big G to offer its users this great benefit.

Google Photos is unlimited again, but only in the US and with T-Mobile

Si tienes este operador tendras almacenamiento ilimitado en Google Fotos

That’s right, the guys from 9to5Google have revealed that the US operator T-Mobile has joined those of Mountain View to offer a new plan to its users . This comes with the novelty of offering unlimited storage in Google Photos. As you can see in the image that we left above, it is a new plan that is not yet available, but that users will soon be able to hire.

Now, it is important to note that it is not completely free unlimited storage . This will be included in a plan that costs $15 per month and that brings other benefits such as 2 TB of storage in Gmail, Google Drive and free access to the Google One VPN.

If you live in the US and are a user of the T-Mobile operator, we tell you that from April 26 you can subscribe to this plan so you can store all your photos and videos without worrying about available storage.

Will Google be able to make this type of alliance with a Spanish operator soon?

At the moment, there is no indication that any operator in Spain is collaborating with the big G to offer unlimited Google Photos to its users. But, it cannot be ruled out that this type of commercial alliances will be achieved in the near future. We have seen how in recent years the operators are adding more and more third-party services to their plans to make them more attractive.

And don’t worry, if you don’t live in the US or if you’re not a T-Mobile user and you want to have more storage for your photos and videos, here are some alternatives to continue having unlimited space for your photos.