How to watch the Chimes 2022 online

Seeing the Chimes 2022 online is already a tradition of the Spanish, but also of many who are abroad and who identify with this way of celebrating the arrival of the New Year, something that was not lost during 2020 and that by the end of 2021 will continue for the celebration of all.

The last night of the year dresses up with the special broadcasts of the channels , from the Puerta del Sol as is tradition to listen to the 12 chimes that will give way to the new year 2022, in which we definitely hope things will improve for everyone and We can finally put the bad times behind us.

If you do not have a television at home or wherever you are, do not worry, because you can watch this event online that will also be broadcast by the most important channels and they have a whole space prepared to make it enjoyable and offer a lot of family warmth.

You can use your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device you have on hand with Internet access and a screen. You can always try to access DTT channels from your phone with the DTT Spain service.

However, many streaming services have prepared to show everyone the Chimes 2022 in the best spirit so that they can be enjoyed as a family and thus not lose a minute to share the arrival of the new year from midnight this 31 of December.

At what time does the broadcast of the Chimes 2021 begin?

The Chimes begin at 12 in the morning on January 1 , at which time the beginning of the new year is marked, but traditionally the so-called countdown is carried out, so most of the networks start this special transmission at 23 : 45 of December 31 with the comments of the presenters and some guests from Puerta del Sol.

In those minutes, the family reunion begins in front of whatever screen you use, from the television to a small mobile in which everyone gathers to watch and listen a little when they decide to take the Internet transmission, only the grapes and the drink to toast with the New Year.

As that is the time of mainland Spain, some channels decide to broadcast an hour later (again) to offer the arrival of the new year for the Canaries and thus they can enjoy it with the same emotion.

TVE and its tradition with Anne Igartiburu

Imagen - Cómo ver por Internet las Campanadas 2022

As every year, Spanish Television will broadcast the Chimes with the renowned Anne Igartiburu , live on its main channel TVE, so you can enjoy it from its website on a family evening or with your friends.

This would be the 16th edition of the Campanadas with Anne Igartiburu, although it was expected to share it with Ana Obregón, finally she will no longer be able to attend due to her withdrawal from COVID 19.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Chimes will begin at 11:45 p.m. , so you can choose between the different options offered by TVE to enjoy this content on the Internet, you can even choose to download its app on Android or iOS.

This is a free transmission , that is, you will not have to pay any subscription and you can watch it both inside and outside of Spain.

  1. Download RTVE alacarta for Android


  1. Download RTVE alacarta for iOS


Web: La 1 live

In Telemadrid this year you will have Madrid Directo

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Telemadrid is also another of the stations with which you can enjoy the 2021 Chimes on the Internet, this year the presenters Francine Gálvez, Emilio Pineda and María López are incorporated, who will be live through the channel’s signal for TV and on the website, from the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

Web: Telemadrid live

Antena 3 repeats Pedroche and Chicote

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The chef and also an expert presenter Alberto Chicote will accompany Cristina Pedroche again to welcome the new year 2022 with his live broadcast for Antena 3 from Puerta del Sol.

In the case of Antena 3, it has its own Atresplayer platform where you can enjoy all its content over the Internet, so you only need to download the app from your mobile, either Android or iOS and you will also have access from its website, free.

You can also enjoy La Sexta on Atresplayer with the journalist Cristina Pardo , who this time will be accompanied by Dani Mateo.

It is important to note that Atresplayer is certainly free for Spain, but if you are outside the country you will have to pay a subscription to Atresplayer Premium for international access, which costs € 4.99 per month.

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Web:Antena 3 direct (Atresplayer)

Mediaset with double New Years

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This time, Mediaset prepared its broadcast of the Campanadas 2022 with two personalities from its chain and it is nothing more and nothing less than Carlos Sobera and Paz Padilla . As of 11:45 p.m. on December 31, the broadcast will begin both on Telecinco and Cuatro, as well as on the rest of the communication group’s networks. Then, they repeat at 1:00 in the morning of January 1 to celebrate the New Year in the Canary Islands, with their local time.

To see the Chimes in Mediaset is quite easy, since they have the Mitele platform that is available for mobile phones and Android or iOS devices, as well as you can also enter through their website, totally free.

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Web: Telecinco live (Mitele)

Ibai Llanos from Puerta del Sol with special guest

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For the second consecutive year, Ibai Llanos is preparing to broadcast, from Twich, the Chimes 2022 that was so successful last year, but this time he will be in Puerta del Sol accompanied by the experienced presenter Ramón García , so it will be a presentation that will surely have all the attention of young people and some of the elderly.

Everyone hopes to see the irreverence and jocularity with which Ibai Llanos will entertain everyone from before midnight on December 31. The popular internet host noted “This time from a very special place and with a very special guest. It’s going to be one of the biggest crossovers in history. “

In order to enjoy this transmission, you will need to install the Twich app on your iOS or Android mobile , or enter the Twitch website and search for the Ibai Llanos channel that is so popular.

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Web: Ibai Llanos Twitch Channel

After this summary, you no longer have an excuse for not seeing the Chimes 2022 on the Internet. No matter where you are, whether it is from your mobile, TV or your computer, you can choose the option you like the most and receive the New Year with a drink in hand, along with your loved ones, gathered on that screen as if in the very Puerta del Sol you will find yourself counting down.