How to watch the 2022 Chimes of Ibai Llanos on Twitch

For the second year, Ibai Llanos will once again give the 2022 Chimes on Twitch and this time accompanied by a mythical and well-known presenter at this event, so we are going to show you all the options you have to see them from your PC, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Ibai Llanos will be accompanied by Ramón García , the best-known presenter of the Chimes that we have seen on numerous occasions present the Chimes on RTVE 1, although this year he will also give them, but in a very different way.

And be careful, because Ibai together with Ramón García will not broadcast them from the gamer’s usual studio, but from the very Puerta del Sol in a special set, being the only Twitch channel that will be together with the rest of the televisions, both the public and the autonomous and private.

From the computer

If tonight you are going to be in front of the computer to say goodbye to the year 2021 and receive the year 2022, the best way to enjoy the Chimes 2022 of Ibai Llanos is from the computer by accessing your usual browser, entering the Twitch website and looking for the Ibai canal using the top search.

It would be enough to go to the “Home” tab a few minutes before 12 midnight and start watching the live show, make sure you have a good Internet connection to avoid cuts. Then if you want you can go commenting in the chat while you watch the 2022 Campaigns.

Imagen - Cómo ver las Campanadas 2022 de Ibai Llanos en Twitch

Web: Ibai Llanos Twitch Channel

From the tv

If you have a Smart TV you have it very easy because it would be enough to download the Twitch application and access the Ibai Llanos channel minutes before 12 at night, which is when the 2022 Chimes live will begin, although the player has not specified what time will it start.

Now, if your television is not a Smart TV, you also have other alternatives such as the possibility of using a Chromecast , from which you can then download Twitch from the Google Play Store without problems. The same applies for the Amazon Fire TV Stick, as well as for Apple TV or the boxes that already come with Android TV included.

In game consoles

If you have a video console, such as the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, you shouldn’t have major inconveniences in obtaining the Twitch application quickly and then enter and look for the direct from Ibai with which he will welcome 2022 with Ramón Garcia.

On Android phones and tablets

On your Android phone or tablet you can also see the Twitch live streams and, in this case, also the Ibai Llanos live for the 2022 Chimes. You have two possibilities, do it from the official website or by opening the Twitch website in the browser.

The main option is to download the Twitch application for Android devices, it is free, we leave it below:

  1. Download Twitch for Android


Once downloaded and installed, follow these steps:

  1. Log in with your Twitch login details.

Imagen - Cómo ver las Campanadas 2022 de Ibai Llanos en Twitch

  1. Then, use the search engine to find the Ibai Llanos channel and you can now watch the live one.

The main drawback of the application is that you must have an account on Twitch , that is, you must register on Twitch to be able to watch videos and perform any other action, so it can be a major stumbling block for all those who do not want to create an account.

For these people, the best option is to open the browser of your Android tablet or phone , enter the Twitch website and look for the Ibai Llanos channel to see the live of the 2022 Chimes with which to start the year well and say goodbye to 2021 .

From the iPad or iPhone

The procedure is basically the same as for Android devices, also on iOS you have the Twitch application that you can download for free from the App Store, although it also requires you to log in with your data to be able to use all the functionalities.

  1. Download Twitch for iOS


Otherwise, you always have the possibility to use the browser and enter the Twitch website , look for the Ibai Llanos channel and start watching the live, it will probably start between 10-20 minutes before the Chimes of 2022, so you must be attentive.

There is a wide variety of options to enjoy the 2022 Ibai Llanos Chimes live through Twitch , so you have several options to choose from, although perhaps watching the broadcast through the computer is the best and most comfortable possibility. .