How to watch Pluto TV on your Smart TV

You can easily watch Pluto TV from your Smart TV as you can see below, a free platform that offers a wide catalog of channels and very varied thematic content, which has established itself as a good free platform.

For those who do not know Pluto TV, it is a free television platform at no cost , which is maintained thanks to the advertising that you can see on all channels, a series of advertisements that appear every few minutes, similar to those that you would see on DTT.

Pluto TV can be enjoyed on the mobile or tablet through the corresponding versions for iOS and Android, also from the official website if you are going to use a computer, but it is also possible to watch it on television, it will be easier if this is a Smart TV because it is more comfortable.

With the Pluto TV app

To watch Pluto TV on a Smart TV, simply download the application from the corresponding app store available on your television and install it, many televisions that are purchased today are already Smart TVs and have this possibility. After installation, just open the Pluto TV application and start watching the content you want.

To watch Pluto TV on a Smart TV through the official application, you must have a Samsung Smart TV model with Tizen, LG with webOS, Sony, Panasonic, Xiaomi, Vizio, although you can also watch it on televisions with Android TV or Apple TV.

Watch Pluto TV on a TV without Smart TV

If you do not have a Smart TV, all is not lost, there are ways to watch Pluto TV anyway, although in this case it will not be through the application, but through the Chromecast or from the Amazon Fire TV, both compatible with almost any TV. , they connect via HDMI and turn your TV into a Smart TV.

With a Chromecast

Therefore, one of the first requirements to meet is that your TV has a free HDMI port, if so, you only need to buy the Chromecast that comes with Android TV and then you will be able to access the applications section of your Chromecast to search that of Pluto TV.

You have to download it and you can start watching all the channels that Pluto TV has. In case your Chromecast does not have that option (normally it does not have the old Chromecast), you will have to send the content of Pluto TV from your Android mobile , do the following:

  1. Configure your Chromecast to use it, then install Pluto TV on your smartphone from the Google Play Store, open the app and start playing the channel you want to watch.
  2. Next, the “cast” icon should appear somewhere, press it and then click on “send to Chromecast” to send the content to the Chromecast on your TV, which must be turned on and within the same WiFi network as the mobile phone, if This is how you can control Pluto TV from your mobile.

With the Amazon Fire TV

If your device is an Amazon Fire TV you have it quite easy too, it is a gadget that transforms your TV into a Smart TV, here all you have to do is access the application store and install the Pluto TV application to see everything its content.

Every so often Pluto TV adds new channels, so you shouldn’t miss out on this hybrid platform between what would be streaming content and traditional TV, although you always have numerous alternatives to Pluto TV at your disposal if you don’t like its content.

You have the possibility of watching Pluto TV on your Smart TV , on mobile phones, on a tablet, on a computer from its website and almost from any TV whether or not it is Smart TV as we have already indicated before without the need to register and free of charge at no cost additional.