How to Use Your iPhone as a Mouse or Keyboard for Your Computer

While it may not seem practical in daily life, the ability to use your iPhone as a mouse or keyboard can be invaluable in emergency situations. Today, we’ll show you how to set it up quickly and easily, ensuring you’re prepared for any scenario.

Using iPhone as a Mouse:

While this feature may not see regular use, it can come in handy for tasks like pausing a video without leaving your bed. We’ll achieve this using a program called Remote Mouse, available for both Android and iOS devices, compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Steps to Set Up:

  1. Download Remote Mouse from the App Store if you’re using an iPhone and Mac. For Android or Windows, find it in the Play Store or via its website.
  2. Install the app on both your iPhone and computer.
  3. Once installed, you can start using your iPhone as a mouse. Remote Mouse utilizes Bluetooth connection, eliminating the need for both devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Benefits of Remote Mouse:

  • Cross-platform compatibility allows control of Mac, Windows, or Linux systems.
  • Lightweight app (less than 10 MB) ensures hassle-free installation.
  • Utilizes Bluetooth for connectivity, ideal for situations where internet access is limited.
  • Offers fluid and stable performance, resembling a real mouse.
  • Can be used as a slide control in presentations or as a remote control for PCs.


Install Remote Mouse preemptively on your devices, as it may be challenging to download in the event of a peripheral failure. Being prepared ensures quick access to this emergency solution when needed.

Share Your Tips:

Have you used Remote Mouse or know of other effective ways to use your mobile phone as a PC peripheral? Share your insights in the comments below, helping others discover useful solutions and tricks.