How to stabilize a video from the mobile with Google Photos?

Como estabilizar videos en Google Fotos

As you probably know, not all cameras included in Android mobile devices have the ability to stabilize the photos and videos that are captured, especially those low-end phones.

To prevent this from affecting the final quality of this type of content, many people use tripods when taking a photo or recording a video , as this prevents the mobile from moving.

The problem is that you can’t always use a tripod to avoid the so-called “shake” that is present in the videos. Luckily, there are apps like Google Photos that allow you to stabilize videos in a simple and free way.

So you can stabilize a video from your mobile with Google Photos

Before we show you the steps you need to take to be able to stabilize videos from your phone with Google Photos , you need to download this app. You can install it for free from the link below.

Link | Download Google Photos

With the app already downloaded and installed on your mobile, you will have to complete this tutorial :

Elegir video para estabilizar Google Fotos

  • The first step you have to do is open the Google Photos app from your Android mobile.
  • Once inside the app, you will have to select the video you want to stabilize .
  • Therefore, you must click on the option called “Edit” (bottom right of the screen).
  • A series of options will be displayed at the bottom of the video, click on the one with a rectangle shape (next to “Export frame” ).

Estabilizar un video en Google Fotos

  • Wait for Google Photos to stabilize the video (this process can take up to 20 minutes to complete, depending on how long the selected video is).
  • When the stabilization is finished, you must click on “Save copy”.
  • In a matter of seconds, Google Photos will save the stabilized video in the internal storage of your mobile.

If the result you have obtained using this function of Google Photos has not convinced you, we recommend you download CapCut, this tool has a much more “professional” video stabilizer.