How to set Google as your home page on your mobile

google chrome

While it is true that there are good alternatives to Chrome, the popular browser of the big G has a legion of followers thanks to the different functions it offers. Would you like to know how to change the home page of Google Chrome? We show you the steps to follow.

We have already shown you some tricks for this browser, and now we are going to show you how to configure Google as the home page in Chrome for Android in a very simple way.

A very convenient way to quickly access the powerful Google search engine. And seeing as how easy it is to use Google as the home page on your mobile phone , it’s worth the switch.

How to leave Google as the home page in Chrome

paso establecer google en chrome

In the image above you have the steps to follow to place Google in Chrome as the home page, but we will give you a summary to make it clearer:

  • Click on the three points located at the top.
  • Look for the Settings option and enter it.
  • Find the Main page section and click on it.
  • In Open this page write the web address that interests you.

The advantages of putting Google as your home page


The truth is that there are many advantages to having the Google web search engine as your home page . To begin with, you will be able to access this tool quickly, so you will save time.

On the other hand, Google takes into account your previous searches and usage patterns to find related content, making it an excellent source to find what you need.

Also, once you know how to change the Chrome home page, you can put any page that interests you. You are still a tennis lover and you do not want to miss any results. Instead of accessing your favorite sports website from time to time, you can put it on the home screen of the browser.

As you may have seen, setting Google as the home page in Chrome is really easy. And now that you know this little trick, you can change the home page according to your tastes. Too easy!