How to see today's word in Wordle

If you are dedicated to the fashion game, then you are interested in knowing how to see today’s word in Wordle , something that is essential if you want to overcome your challenge every month and be able to advance in the game, in those minutes that make you think every morning or while you rest in the afternoon and how much fun it generates for you.

The first thing you should keep in mind, as a basic rule in Wordle, is that the letters in green color indicate that they are correct and that they are placed in the correct position .

When they are in yellow, it is because they are correct letters that are not in the right place, while the letters with a gray background are not in their position and are not correct either. When you finish guessing your word, then it’s time to show it to your friends on your social networks .

get the word of the day

Imagen - Cómo ver la palabra de hoy en Wordle

The first of the tricks to see the word of the day in Wordle is very easy, you will have to go to your social networks. Go to Twitter mainly or Facebook and put phrases like “Wordle word of the day”, “Wordle Answer” or “Wordle answer” and it is likely that someone who started before you has already made it public in their results.

Since all the players have to discover the same word every day, then you won’t have to try too hard looking for it, because the answer will always be the same every day for everyone , so you only need to try the results that you see in the last 24 hours.

Another of the tricks that you can try to see today’s word in Wordle is to use ADIEU and MYTHS , if you play in English, because the first one will indicate which vowel is used, so you will already have a part of the word resolved.

Then try MYTHS, which will allow you to find letters that are very common in English, from that point on, you will have a large percentage of the word of the day already determined.

If you want to try it over and over again without stopping until you guess the word of the day in Wordle, then you should enter the browser in incognito mode , so you will have infinite opportunities, in case you want to achieve it by yourself without seeing the answer elsewhere.