How to record calls on Samsung mobiles

We are going to see what options there are to record calls on a Samsung phone , so that your conversation with another person can be recorded, a possibility that is increasingly complicated due to the different problems that this practice can entail.

Right now there are not many Android phones that allow you to record calls natively , that is, that is already included in the system, although it is true that you can find phones that do offer it, with an option to record from the interface from the phone app.

If not, you have no choice but to go to apps that you can find in Google Play completely free , although that does not mean that they all work, you have to try one by one to see if the calls are recorded in a real conversation with someone.

Activate the call recording settings

It is very likely that your Samsung phone has some setting that allows you to record all calls , but that it is disabled. In this case, all you have to do is enter the phone / settings app and look for an option that can be activated to “record calls” , only in this way will they be recorded.

Keep in mind that it is likely that some additional options will appear, for example, those in which you must select what type of calls you want to record, if all in general or only those from unknown numbers.

With the Call Recording app – ACR

ACR is a free application to record calls on a Samsung phone and Android mobiles from other brands. All you have to do is download the app, install it on your phone and make a call to see if it can actually record it correctly.

At the end of the call, it would be enough to access the application and view the recordings history to play any of them, if your voice is heard and that of the other person, it means that Call Recording – ACR has recorded your call well and will do so with the rest of the calls you make from now on.

  1. Download Call Recording – ACR for Android


With the Call Recorder app

Another app with which you could record a call on your Samsung mobile is Call Recorder , a free app in Spanish available on the Google Play Store. You only have to install the application and when you make a call or they call you, the application will record and store it.

You will not have to make any complicated adjustments, just install the application and it will take care of the corresponding task of recording the call, in the interface then you will be able to listen to them and you will know how long they last, if it was an incoming or outgoing call, possibility of sharing it, etc.

  1. Download Call Recorder for Android


The simplest way to record calls on a Samsung mobile is the native option that we discuss in case you have it, but if not, you will have to resort to free applications in the App Store, of which we have shown you two examples, although there are many more.