How to receive less advertising emails in Gmail and clean your inbox

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Are you tired of receiving thousands of advertising emails in Gmail? Everything has a solution and in this case it is very simple. We’ll explain how to get fewer advertising emails in Gmail so that your inbox contains only the emails that really matter to you .

Start by unsubscribing from everything you don’t want to have in Gmail

Como recibir menos correos de publicidad Gmail unsubscribe

If you are receiving advertising emails, it is because you are subscribed to many newsletters (every time you leave your email on some Internet page, you normally subscribe).

The good thing is that companies are forced to put the option to unsubscribe , so you can decide if you want to receive more advertising emails in your Gmail. To unsubscribe do this:

  • The option to unsubscribe usually comes at the end of the email and can be written in several ways: “Unsubscribe” or “Change your options and unsubscribe” or “Unsubscribe”. They also try to hide it by making them very small, disguising it with other texts, etc. Look for it and click there on each of the different emails you receive, you will see how in a short time you receive much less.

The common thing when clicking on the option is that it sends you to the page of the person who sent you the email and there you select the option to unsubscribe from the mailing list or newsletter. On the page it may happen that the options are not available all at once, trying to confuse you so that you do not find the option to unsubscribe, but it is there, look well .

Report that advertising email as “Spam” if there is no way to unsubscribe

Como recibir menos correos publicidad Gmail cuadro spam

There are emails that do not allow you to remove yourself from the list, and the option here is to “notify” that those emails that you do not want are “Spam” (ie, junk email). You must do this with each of the spam emails and it is done as follows:

  • With the spam open, click on the options , which are the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  • Click on “Report Spam”.

From now on every time you receive an email reported as spam, Gmail sends it directly to the Spam folder , which is automatically emptied every 30 days.

You can also empty the Spam folder manually by clicking where it says “Empty spam now”, but check the folder well first , do not go to delete some important message that is there by mistake. Maybe you’re expecting a message and Gmail automatically put it in Spam because it was considered suspicious, sometimes it happens.

  • If you made a mistake and didn’t want to report that email , go to the “Spam” folder, open it, and tap the email you don’t want to be reported as spam.
  • When you open the message you get the option in a gray box that says “Report not spam”. Tap it, and Gmail automatically sends the message to your “Inbox.”

You can block the sender in Gmail if none of the above works

Como recibir menos correos publicidad Gmail cuadro bloquear

The last method is to block the one who is sending you the message , the sender, and it is done like this:

  • With the spam message open, look for the three vertical dots to the right of the sender .
  • Tap the “Block (name of person or sender you’re blocking)” option.

If you’ve blocked someone you don’t want to block, you can always unblock them in the gray box on the screen . If you’ve deleted the message, look for it in the Trash or Spam folder.

It is recommended to create a secondary email, so that you use it for every subscription you make and thus receive fewer advertising emails in your main Gmail account. There are also applications that help you avoid unwanted messages.

As a last recommendation, we ask you to look in detail at the invitations that they make you on each website to get into their newsletters, receive news, notifications, etc.; since all this will make you receive many emails that do not interest you.