How to install Android TV on your PC (100% functional)

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Google has managed to create a unique ecosystem for all types of devices. We have Android, the mobile operating system, Wear OS, the version for wearables and Android TV , where you will enjoy all kinds of functions on your smart TV.

And the truth is that this operating system for Smart TV is a success. To the point that brands such as Xiaomi or Sony have a complete catalog of smart televisions with Android TV.

Would you like to see what this operating system is like and know the ways to make the most of its possibilities? Well, don’t hesitate to install Android TV on your PC .

How to install Android TV on your PC and what advantages does it offer

cómo instalar android tv en PC windows android studio

The truth is that the process is not very complicated, so it is worth trying. You just have to see our tutorial where we show you how to install Android TV on your PC step by step so you can see how easy it is.

All thanks to Android Studio, an app to emulate Android TV on your computer in a simple way to browse this operating system with your laptop or PC. And the truth is that you have many reasons to do so.

As we said, installing Android Studio is very simple, so you will not have any problem in this regard. And with that, you will be able to do a few things that make Android TV worth trying on a computer.

Advantages and disadvantages of having Android TV on your PC

For starters, it is a perfect way to see if you like this operating system. It should be remembered that Samsung or LG, for example, use their own operating systems (Tizen and webOS respectively), so it is interesting to be able to compare and assess which is the most suitable for you.

You can also install all kinds of games and applications without problem. With this you can see how they will look on your TV, if it is worth installing that,… A perfect way to know which apps to install on your device with Android TV.

Not to mention the fact that you can try different versions of the operating system. Recall that the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S has Android 9. So it is not a bad idea to see what changes will be in future updates.

android studio adv wear os

And beware, Android Studio is not only capable of emulating this system, you can also test the benefits of the latest versions of Android for mobile phones or Wear OS. In summary, the advantages offered by this emulator to install Android TV on your PC are many.

What are the disadvantages? Well, at best, that you have problems with the installation because there is some corrupt file and little else. Remember that it is an emulator, so if you have any problem you just have to close it and reopen it. Besides that you need a somewhat powerful PC to be able to run the emulator without problems.

So, seeing the advantages and disadvantages of installing Android TV on your PC to test how this operating system works, and how simple the process is, we invite you to try Android Studio.