How to enable USB Debugging on your Galaxy M51

samsung galaxy m51

One of the best-selling mid-range phones is the Samsung Galaxy M51 . A device that hides a mammoth battery inside, as well as benefits beyond any doubt.

A device that boasts a great value for money, making it one of the company’s best sellers. So, we already told you at the time how to save your fingerprint, now we will show you the steps you must follow to activate the USB debugging mode on the Samsung Galaxy M51.

How to activate the USB debugging mode of the Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M51

Before telling you the steps to follow, it should be noted that the USB debugging mode is located within the developer options and that it allows the phone to communicate with the computer through a USB connection.

Thanks to this, you will be able to receive files and commands from the computer, something essential to activate different types of functions. Say that, the first thing you should do is activate the development options by following our tutorial.

Once you have this mode activated, let’s see what are the steps to follow. You will see that it is extremely simple, so you will not have any difficulty:

desactivar depuracion usb galaxy M51

  • Access the Settings menu of your Samsung Galaxy M51.
  • Within this menu, search down until you find Developer Options
  • When you’re in Developer Options, look for Debugging and hit the USB Debugging switch.
  • You will see a pop-up menu appear, click Accept to confirm that you have read the conditions.
  • Now the USB debugging switch will have turned blue, so it will be on.

As you have seen, the process is very simple, although it should be noted that you can also activate this function by connecting the phone to your computer and selecting the USB debugging option in the pop-up window that will appear.

Without a doubt, a function that you can activate very easily and that will allow you to activate all kinds of functions. Although, if you have any questions about the possibilities offered by the USB debugging mode in your Galaxy M51, in this article we will solve all your doubts.