How to earn cryptocurrencies with the Cryptomines game from your mobile

We are going to tell you how to earn cryptocurrencies with the Cryptomines game on your mobile and this popular NFT game has been growing in recent times, especially because it is available from your smartphone and you do not need a computer to be able to use it, in addition, this The game has the promise of earning you money right from the start.

One of the main advantages of this game is that it is quite safe , something that today is highly valued in the community that uses this type of NFT development, since many titles have ended up being a real scam. Other games really pay, but the winnings are very limited and the investment of time and effort is greater than what you can receive within the platform.

What is Cryptomines

Imagen - Cryptomines: qué es, cómo funciona y cómo ganar

We are going to start by defining what Cryptomines is, it is a science fiction NFT game of the type known as play-to-earn or play to win , in which in addition to having fun participating in the different challenges and tasks, you can collect workers and spaceships that you own and have a market value.

You will also have earnings in $ ETERNAL , which is the mineral that will allow you to keep your characters alive and with the ability to improve them along the way, which will translate into better economic benefits for you.

This science fiction game will allow you to improve your strategies, make your own place in a great universe and throughout this process accumulate cryptocurrencies, which you can then convert into real money . To play it you do not need great experience and not many skills, it will be enough to make some investment in ships that can be turned into very profitable objects throughout the game.

Preparing your Metamask wallet

Before starting to play Cryptomines you must complete some previous steps, for example, you need to have the Metamask app on your Android terminal , an app that is used as a link between the game and Binance, which is the Smart Chain in which these cryptocurrencies are managed .

There you will have a place where you will have your coins stored and protected , which in this case are the $ ETERNAL and it will also serve as a means for you to manage the cryptocurrencies when you want to invest or if you want to convert it into some other currency.

Once you are in Metamask, it is time to create a new wallet or import one that you are already using at the moment. In the case of creating the wallet for the first time, you must be very careful to keep the security phrase in a safe place and to which you can always have access.

The fact that you store the security phrase in a place that you can always access is very important, since it is the only way that you can regain access to your wallet in case of losing the password, or if your mobile is lost, for example .

Now we are going to explain the procedure so that you can properly configure Metamask and use it without problems in your Cryptomines account:

Imagen - Cryptomines: qué es, cómo funciona y cómo ganar

First, you must click on the three-striped menu that is located in the upper right part of the screen. Once there, choose the “Settings” menu.

Imagen - Cryptomines: qué es, cómo funciona y cómo ganar

Next, go to the “Networks” section and now click on the “Add network” option and then you must be very careful because you must enter the data that we give below, so that your wallet connects to Binance.

Imagen - Cryptomines: qué es, cómo funciona y cómo ganar

  1. Network Name : Smart Chain
  2. RPC URL :
  3. String ID : 56
  4. Symbol : BNB
  5. Block explorer url :

After successful completion, you will see that Metamask will switch to the Binance Smart Chain network instead of Ethereum . Finally, you just have to go back to the three-line menu and click on the “Navigator” option.

From this moment you can play Cryptomines , downloading the application and you will then have to connect your profile with your Metamask wallet.

How to play Play Cryptomines from your Android

To start playing Cryptomines you will need on average about 55 euros or 60 dollars , although this amount of money to invest may vary depending on what you plan to do and win in the game. Bear in mind that the higher the investment, the higher the risks, but also the higher the profits.

Everything takes place in an expedition in which you will have your own fleet of ships to travel different planets, but you must have a little patience, because the first expeditions are not going to generate as much money as you can get with the more advanced ones.

You will need a minimum of mines to carry out each expedition , that will guarantee the profits.

You will be able to have the return on investment every 16 days , regardless of the amount of money you plan to invest in the game, or if your strategy worked or not.

This is one of the most profitable games, because its economy remains stable, since no assets have been given to players within the interface , which allows the flow of profits to be maintained within the ecosystem according to investments and that is what makes it much more profitable than others.

So now you know how to play Cryptomines from your mobile , you also know that it is worth trying it since it is one of the NFT games in which your investment has the best chance of returning in the shortest possible time.