How to detect if they access your Facebook account

There are a series of symptoms by which you can know if they have accessed your Facebook account , so that you can quickly take action and regain control of your profile as you had until now, and it is still a worrying situation.

Whether it is due to a hack in which someone has found out your password or due to any other circumstance, anyone who may have access to your Facebook account may have bad intentions, so it is best to detect it in time or even prevent it before it happens.

For example, an effective measure is to have a strong password of at least 8 digits in which you combine numbers, letters and symbols, something that very few do and is that a large number of people, according to a recent study, use very common and simple passwords .

That would be a good preventive measure, although not the only one. In any case, we are going to see what symptoms are what help you to know if your Facebook account could be being opened by other people, remember that the more symptoms, the more chances you have that this is the case.

Alert you to rare posts

One of the most unequivocal facts that can alert you to a possible access to your account without your authorization is that some of your friends begin to notice strange publications , something outside of what you usually publish, and even the arrival of rare private messages through Messenger.

This could be one of the symptoms that could alert you to a possible intrusion on your profile, so you must be careful and if you actually know that it was not you, the first thing you should do is change the password to access Facebook and then delete those publications.

Check the Facebook access list

Within your account, there is a section that allows you to locate from which sites you have entered your Facebook account and that is precisely when you can find out if there is an unknown address or device that has logged in with your social network data.

If there is an unknown location, obviously you will have to close it by clicking on the button with the three dots and selecting “exit”. You access this section by clicking on the date next to your Facebook photo and then entering settings and privacy / settings / security and login “, it is the” where you have logged in “section that interests us.

You get an unrecognized login prompt

If you have activated the notifications that notify you if someone tries to start a Facebook session with your data , in case it is an unauthorized access or not recognized by you, a message will arrive on your mobile alerting you of such fact, which means that someone has entered.

If so, the first thing is to access your Facebook profile as soon as possible and change the password to prevent that person from doing it before, and then take another series of measures such as activating Facebook’s two-step verification and another series of more options.

You cannot enter your account

Imagine that you want to enter your Facebook profile and you cannot , even if you enter your email and password correctly, there is no way to access and that could be a symptom that someone has been able to enter your account before and has already been able to modify the password.

In that case, the first thing to do is get in touch with Facebook and alert them to this fact and secondly notify your friends and family that someone has probably been able to enter your account so that they reject any request, whatever it may be.

It is clear that the more of the above events occur at the same time, the more certain there is that someone has been able to enter your Facebook account . Whichever one of them, remember that if you regain access, the first thing to do is change the password for a more robust one and apply other additional security measures such as those mentioned to prevent it from happening again in the future.