How to create your own free QR code very easily

codigo qr

One of the best tools to receive all kinds of information on your phone in the simplest way, are QR codes . A really strange drawing that the camera of your smartphone translates into a web address, Telegram account, product information …

The truth is that the beginnings of the QR code are really curious, since it was created in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, with the aim of registering spare parts for cars and other vehicles they manufactured. And now it has become a regular in our day to day .

There can be many reasons why you want to create your own QR code . But regardless of the reason, we show you the steps to follow to do it very easily.

Create a QR code in a few seconds with this website

codigo qr androidphoria

Either to create a QR code for your website or a Telegram account , the best option to consider is this website . As you can see after clicking on the link, you will access a very clean interface with a blank box for you to fill in as you prefer.

It serves both to create a Telegram QR code (the website was created for this purpose), but you can also use it to make a QR code for your website. All you have to do is enter the full address and you will see that the code varies to adapt to the text you are entering.

At the bottom you have four options. Clicking on the first button will download the QR code that you have created in PNG format. In the second option you can copy the image to save it where you prefer.

The third option allows you to choose between a white or a transparent background, while the last option is for printing your QR code . Keep in mind that the code that is downloaded has the Telegram logo in the center. But you can always use an editing tool, like these alternatives to Photoshop available on Android, to add your company logo.

Without a doubt, a very simple way to create your own QR code. And taking into account that many users do not need a dedicated app to read this type of algorithms, all the more reasons to advertise your website using this tool.