How to contact Minecraft

If you are a Minecraft player or have a problem in which you need to contact Minecraft , we will help you and show you all the possible ways to do so and thus, be able to solve any problem you have with the game or the platform in general.

Minecraft itself does not have a customer service, but Mojang or Microsoft do, if you want to contact Minecraft you will have to do it online and we will tell you how you should do it so that you have no doubts and so on. to be able to solve everything you need about the game.

Before contacting Minecraft, it is highly recommended to see if your problem is in the “FAQ” section (questions and answers) , which you can access from the link that appears on the Minecraft website under the name “Support” and see if you can solve the problem yourself as it will take less time than maintaining contact with Minecraft through web forms.

Contact Minecraft from the help web form

Microsoft is the owner of Minecraft , but the creator is Mojang, therefore all the doubts you need to resolve about the game or the Minecraft accounts will have to be resolved by Mojang, because not long ago all Mojang accounts would become accounts from Microsoft.

The only way we have to contact Minecraft or in this case Mojang is through the help web form that is available on the official Minecraft website, suppose we have a problem with a purchase or an error in the authentication of credentials at log in. We will explain how to contact them and solve your problems.

Imagen - Cómo contactar con Minecraft

From the link that you can see at the end, you will have access to a web form in which you can describe the problem you have with Minecraft and the one that has led you to need to contact customer service or technical support. In the form you will have to put the following information:

  1. Idiom.
  2. Game title.
  3. Platform you play on.
  4. Support type.
  5. Name.
  6. Email (it will have to be the email in which the game is registered).
  7. Description of the problem.
  8. Attachments (this is optional, but it will be of great help in case you add some screenshots with the problem).

Web: Contact Minecraft

Remember that this is the only way we have to be able to contact Minecraft , because although they have an account on different social networks, they will all take you to this form, since they only use their networks as an informative method about news in the different games.