How to activate and use Google News on your Xiaomi mobile

Cómo activar la app Google News en Xiaomi

Do you want to have the Google news application on your Xiaomi? So today is your lucky day. Here you will see how to activate Google News on a POCO, Redmi or Xiaomi mobile .

The Big G service is one of the best apps to read news on Android. So Google News cannot be missing from your smartphone!

Activating the Google News app on any Xiaomi is that easy

Activar Google Noticias en cualquier Xiaomi

First of all, why doesn’t the application appear on this brand’s mobiles? Well, you should know that Google News was prohibited in Spain by the Intellectual Property Law of 2014.

The good news is that those from Mountain View reached an agreement with the government so that the app can be used in the country . This is the reason why Google News has returned to Spain after 7 years of its departure.

Now, MIUI still blocks Google News on most Xiaomi phones . The app is pre-installed on your smartphone, but the brand’s OS hides it and won’t let you use it.

Preventing this from happening to you is very simple! To have Google News available on a mobile with MIUI, follow the steps below:

Pasos para activar Google News Xiaomi

  • Enter the Settings app.
  • Open the “Applications” menu.
  • Click where it says “Manage applications” .
  • Now click on the icon of the 3 points .
  • Then press the option “Show all applications” .
  • And voila, Google News will appear on your Xiaomi!

However, MIUI may hide the app again after a couple of hours. To solve this error, you must change the region of your mobile . In the following list you will see how to do it:

Cambiar región móvil para MIUI no bloquee Google News

  • In the configuration of your Xiaomi, enter “Additional settings” .
  • Click on the “Date and time” menu.
  • Choose a country other than Spain . Any region where Spanish is spoken that is not in Europe will work for you (like Mexico or Chile).

How to see news from Spain after changing the region of your Xiaomi

By assigning a new region to your smartphone, it is most likely that you will see little news from Spanish media on Google News. The problem in question has a very simple solution:

Ver noticias España Google News luego de cambiar región Xiaomi

  • Open the app and press the “Following” icon.
  • Click where it says “Follow topics” .
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon and copy the word “Spain” into the search box.
  • Now select the country as one of your favorite topics . In turn, choose news sources from Spain.

Having to change the region of the mobile to use Google News without it being blocked again is somewhat confusing. In any case, remember that the app is one of the best alternatives to Feedly and Microsoft Start. That’s why the service of the big G is worth a try!

Did you manage to activate Google News on your Xiaomi mobile? Tell us in the comments.