How awful! DAZN will prohibit you from sharing your account

DAZN no quiere que puedas compartir la cuenta

DAZN is a must-have streaming service for sports fans . And although here we explain what you should know to share your account, unfortunately it seems that you can no longer do it.

It has been revealed that DAZN is working on a number of changes with the goal of banning two people from sharing an account to pay for a single subscription. Next, we tell you more details of this news.

DAZN doesn’t want you to be able to share your account


Recently, DAZN and Movistar + signed a contract with LaLiga to broadcast the matches until the 2027 season for almost 5 billion euros. Well, it seems that the streaming sports platform wants to recoup this investment by preventing its users from sharing a subscription , a very common practice that people do to save some money.

Until now, DAZN allows you to view its entire content catalog on 2 screens at the same time , maintaining a limit of 5 registered devices for each account. Emphasizing that these limits are intended to share screens within the family environment, or at least, within the same house.

Well, Veronica Diquattro, DAZN representative in Spain, has given an interview to Milano Finanza in which she stated that many users are misusing their accounts . Mainly, it refers to those people who share their account with third parties to save on the monthly subscription payment.

At the moment, the subscription costs about 9.99 euros per month , although this price is expected to increase after obtaining the broadcasting rights of LaLiga. The truth is that DAZN does not want you to share this payment with another person.

What steps will DAZN take to prevent you from sharing your account?

Although Diquattro made clear the intentions to make changes to prevent DAZN users from continuing to share the subscription payment, he did not state what specifically the measures that will be implemented .

The number of screens that can simultaneously view content may be reduced. It is also possible that IP restrictions are added to verify that, if two people are watching the same content, this is happening in the same house. For now, we’ll let you know when DAZN reveals more detailed information about its new account sharing measures.