Guide to create a location on Instagram and Facebook, it's very easy!

como crear ubicacion en facebook e instagram

It is true that an image is worth a thousand words, but in the world of social networks it is also important to say exactly where in the world you are. Why? Well, because that way you will increase the reach of your publications . In addition, you can show off to your friends the places you visit or, if you have a business, you can attract customers near you and tell them where they can find you. For that reason, here we will teach you how to create a location on Facebook and Instagram.

And, if you haven’t realized it yet, when you try to add a location on Facebook or Instagram, not all the places that exist in the world appear as options. This is because the locations are added by the users themselves, so if no one has added the site where you are currently, you will not be able to use it in your publication . However, this has a remedy: all you have to do is create a new location on Facebook or Instagram yourself, as we explain below.

How to create a location on Facebook and Instagram

como crear ubicacion en facebook

First of all, you have to make something clear. Facebook and Instagram use the same location database, which means that locations you create on one platform will automatically appear on the other . Of course, for now, Facebook is the only one of the two that allows you to create new locations. So, if you wanted to add a location on Instagram that does not exist, we regret to tell you that you will have to do it from Facebook.

The good thing is that creating a location on Facebook is really very simple and it won’t take you long. Just follow these steps:

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile or PC.
  • Go to the create a new post panel:
    • On your mobile, simply click on “What’s going on?”
    • On PC, tap the “+” button and then select Publish.
  • Press the Register visit or I’m here button (the red location icon).
  • In the search engine, enter the name of the place you want to create. It does not matter if that name has already been associated with another place.
  • Now, go to the bottom of the list and click on Add “place” . This option will not appear if your Facebook account was created recently.
  • Next, fill out the form where they ask you for some information about the site. Remember that, if it is fictional, you must add it to the category For fun.
  • When you get the warning that says “You are going to add a place to Facebook”, we recommend that you touch the camera button to add a photo of the place . So that? So that Facebook takes less time to make your new location public. If you are creating a fictional place, you may not need to do this. But if it is for a business, it is practically essential that you add a photo of the place.
  • Finally, press the Create button.

ubicacion creada en facebook

That’s it! After waiting a few seconds, the location will be created and you can use it in your next Facebook post. Of course, this location will not be made public immediately , which means that other people will not find it in the search engine and you will not be able to use it on Instagram right now.

How to make your new Facebook location public faster

compartir pagina de ubicacion en facebook

To speed up the process of making your new location public, you can pass the location link to your friends and ask them to like and leave a review . Not sure how to get the location link? Just do the following:

  • Tap the name of the location on a post you’ve made with it.
  • Then tap the three dots button
  • Select Share .
  • Send the location link to your friends in the way you prefer.

Thus, after a couple of hours and several people interacting with the location page, it will appear to all users (including those on Instagram) when they search for it by name. Now, if it is a business location , the best thing you can do to make it public as soon as possible is to claim it or use it as the location of your business profile. In case you want to claim it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the location page .
  • Press the button with the three dots .
  • Select Is this business yours? .
  • Follow the steps that will be displayed on the screen.

And if your site is also shown on Google My Business, so much the better, as Facebook will make it public faster. Don’t you have it on said platform? Then go to this tutorial on how to put a business on Google Maps.

How to create a location on Instagram without Facebook?

habilitar instagram shopping

As you will see, the problem with creating a location on Facebook is that it will not appear on Instagram immediately. So surely you are thinking about whether it is possible to skip this step. And the answer is no, you can’t create a location on Instagram without Facebook . Currently, the only way to create a location on Instagram is through Facebook tools as we explained before. If this changes in the future, we will let you know.

Anyway, once your location is available on Instagram, don’t forget to always use it in your posts , especially if it’s from a business. Thus, you will increase the chances of appearing in Local Buy on Instagram. Anyway, if something was not clear to you, ask us in the comments so we can help you.