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It is confirmed by TechCrunch that Google will partner with iLike and Lala for their new music service, and the announcement date is Wednesday, October 28, 2009.

TechCrucn, as well as other press received an invitation inviting them to a Hollywood event next week hosted by music services Lala and iLike. The invitation, titled “Discover Music!” says announcements will be followed by performances, and that Lala, iLike “& Others” are hosting. The “& Others” includes Google, and the new service will be unveiled. All four major music services are backing the service.

Both iLike and Lala provided limited streaming services today. Lala lets users stream a song once, then a user either has to pay or only get a 30 second clip. iLike has some full streaming, some 30 second clips. MySpace Music has full streaming rights from all four major labels.

News source: TechCrunch

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