Google to launch new smart glasses, report says

gafas realidad aumentada google 2022

The first time we met Google’s augmented reality glasses project was in the distant 2012. A year later they launched the first generation of Google Glass for developers for a high price of $ 1,500 . The version for the common user arrived a year later and, if you never saw them in your daily life, it is because they cost € 1000 and had a limited release.

Google stopped selling its glasses due to privacy concerns , as it was very easy to use them to record sites or people without their consent. In 2017 they returned with the Google Glass Enterprise Edition, a new version intended exclusively for companies and professionals. Two years later, they launched the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 with a more affordable price of € 900.

And now in 2022 it seems that we will have a new version of Google’s augmented reality glasses. As part of a larger article on the main technology companies working on AR hardware, The New York Times has ensured that Google is working on a new iteration of smart glasses . Will they re-launch glasses for common users? We analyze it right away.

The next generation of Google Glass would use the technology of Focals glasses

Although the newspaper did not reveal more details and Google has not commented on the matter, everything indicates that this new Google Glass project is the result of the acquisition of North by the big G last year . Recall that North is the company that manufactured Focals smart glasses with built-in Alexa.

It is also important to mention that it was recently revealed that Google is creating its first operating system for devices with augmented reality. So the chances of this news being true are very high. Now, it is unclear if Google wants to launch a provisional wearable or if they are fully focused on the smart glasses form factor.

Mountain Viewers may first try their luck with assisted reality glasses like the OPPO Air Glass that only show 2D data (and not 3D) in front of one eye. In that case, they would surely be glasses for all kinds of people and not just for companies.

Either way, we have to wait and see what Meta and Apple propose, which, according to rumors, also have AR smart glasses projects underway that will be presented this year. For now, they are just rumors and speculation. When we have more specific information about the next Google Glass, we will give you all the details here.