Google Play Store is updated: these are the news

Google Play Store has received an update with important improvements . Next, we’ll tell you what’s new in the Google apps and games store that all Android smartphones have.

Google Play Store is the default store where all Android users search for their apps and games. The new version of the Play Store brings improvements that focus on providing improvements in functions such as allowing downloads in the background or new functions to discover apps and games more related to users.

News March 2022 in Google Play Store

Let’s see in detail what’s new in the Google Play Store with the new version, specifically version 25.9 of the app:

  1. Improvements to the “play while downloading” feature , so that the Google Play Store now allows players to start playing some games while they are being downloaded. In this way waiting times are reduced and the user can try the application without having to wait for the download to finish.
  2. New features have been added to help users discover apps and games more in line with their tastes.
  3. Optimizations have been added to make app and game downloads faster and more reliable.
  4. New features have been added to the Play Pass and Play Points programs .
  5. Google Play billing has been improved .
  6. Added new improvements in Play Protect to keep devices away from threats.
  7. Performance improvements , bug fixes, and improvements to the app’s stability, security, and accessibility have been added.

These are all the news that the Google Play Store has launched for its new version that will reach everyone in the coming days. Remember that you can update the app manually from the Google Play settings.