Google Chrome debuts its best feature of 2022: this is its Adaptive Button

The news of Google Chrome for Android has been seen with a dropper in the months that we have been in 2022. The good news is that this drought has just ended thanks to a great recently arrived function. This is Adaptive Button , a change in the browser interface that will be very useful for you. It can be customized and activated only if you want. We tell you the biggest news of Chrome for Android in 2022!

New customizable and very useful Google Chrome button

After going through months of internal tests and being present in beta versions, Adaptive Button is now a reality . This new button is being implemented in the browser in stages for all users. What does it consist of?

This is a new button that is located in the upper area next to the search bar . It is customizable and has a very interesting mode that analyzes the function that you may need at any given time. It adapts to your browser usage to show you what the algorithm thinks you need.

This button can display a share icon, open tab, or do a voice search . You also have the possibility to set one of these 3 options forever and never change. It is very useful to have a shortcut to open a new tab or do a voice search at any time.

How to test the new Chrome button for Android

If you update Google Chrome in the next few days you should see it available at the top. If this does not happen, you should not worry, there is a very simple way to force its arrival. You need to enable a Chrome flag , which is pretty easy if you follow the steps below:

  1. Go into ‘ chrome://flags
  2. Search for ‘ Adaptive Button
  3. Activate (Enabled) the first function that appears
  4. Restart the browser

With these 4 steps you can force the arrival of this function to the browser and have the new button. If you use the browser a lot, you’ll appreciate how useful this function is, one of the most interesting we’ve seen for Google Chrome Android in recent months.