Goodbye to Popcorn Time! The pirate movies and series service officially closes

Popcorn Time cierra adios a las peliculas y series piratas

The unexpected return that Popcorn Time had during the beginning of the pandemic, made us think that this time the platform would return to stay. However, the creators of this pirated movies and series service have just announced something that many users feared: the definitive closure of Popcorn Time .

Although the platform has survived many of these “closures” during its existence, everything seems to indicate that this time the thing is serious . On other occasions Popcorn Time has had to temporarily say goodbye for legal reasons. But this time, the reason why he does it is different. You want to know more? We will tell you right away.

Why does Popcorn Time close

Por que cierra Popcorn Time

Don’t you think that Popcorn Time is gone forever? Well, take a look at the website of this platform to find the image that we have put up here. In it you can see the Popcorn Time logo slightly modified to express the death of the service accompanied by the initials “RIP”. This is more than enough to understand that Popcorn Time has come to an end.

Being a service that offered streaming movies and series for free through BitTorrent, the piracy platform was the subject of many legal actions that caused its temporary closure on several occasions. But now, it seems that Popcorn Time has closed due to the decrease of user traffic that the web has received in recent years . This is what we see in the graph that accompanies the announcement of its closure, which shows that the platform is no longer profitable for its developers.

Will Popcorn Time be able to return?

As we have already said, it is not the first time that Popcorn Time has closed. In this way, it is not unreasonable to think that in the future we may see the rebirth of this pirate streaming service again . Furthermore, the platform’s developers made it open source, which means that the project can be taken up by any user who wants to bring Popcorn Time back to life.

For now, if you want to enjoy the best streaming entertainment while you wait for the return of Popcorn Time, we invite you to review the premieres that Netflix has prepared for the beginning of this year.