Find out if you have a perfect face with this Instagram filter

Rostro perfecto filtro Instagram

You no longer need to ask a friend what they think of your face, because an Instagram user has created a filter that allows you to discover if your face is perfect or not .

Thanks to the use of thousands of faces of people considered attractive by ordinary people, the filter called “Perfect Face” can analyze your face to show you if it is perfect or not.

How to find the Perfect Face filter on Instagram?

There is no need to waste time looking for this filter on Instagram, because we are going to give you a link so that you can access it directly.

Of course, it is essential that you have the updated Instagram app , as this filter uses some features that are only found in the latest version of the social network for Android and iOS.

Without further ado, here is the link so you can download and use this filter on your Instagram account .

Link | Perfect Face Filter for Instagram

How to use this filter correctly?

Cara perfecta filtro

Like almost 90% of the filters that can be found on Instagram, the same one only works when a new story is uploaded to Instagram . In other words, you will not be able to use this effect to record a Reel.

Using it is extremely simple, you just have to activate the front camera of your mobile and position your face in the center of the screen . Once the filter detects your face, it will tell you if your face meets beauty standards.

It should be added that this filter is the one used by all the people on TikTok to do the famous challenge “how perfect is my face” . If you want to do this challenge, you will have to save the video on your mobile and then upload it to your TikTok account, since this filter is not present in said social network.

With nothing more to add, we take advantage of the space to show you the Instagram filter that tells you who you look like, it’s so much fun!