Finally! Twitter is working on editing the tweets already published

After countless rumours, it seems that finally Twitter will allow editing tweets , that is, modifying the content after being published. Although Twitter has not made an official announcement, this possibility is already hidden in the platform code.

The social network does not stop launching striking proposals, such as using NFTs as a profile picture on Twitter, but the possibility of editing tweets has been discussed for years, as some consider it very necessary, but it also poses certain problems.

On the one hand, if we publish a tweet with a misspelling, the only way to fix it is to delete it and repost it, something that is not advisable if the tweet has already gone viral.

However, when editing a tweet there is a risk of creating confusion or manipulating conversations . By altering the original text, replies or retweets with comments can take on a different meaning than intended.

The Italian engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, known for filtering news from apps before they were official, has found hidden in Twitter’s computer code what the option to edit a tweet will look like after publishing it:

Imagen - Twitter dejará editar los tweets en 2022

Imagine that the tweet will show an “Edited” indicator with the date and time, so that users are aware that the original version.

We do not know more details, although a possible solution would be to integrate a history that shows the different versions of the tweet. We will have to wait to see how Twitter manages this delicate aspect.

However, the fact that the development team works on editing the tweets does not completely guarantee that it will be possible. Perhaps limited testing will be done first, with social network managers making the final decision based on user feedback.

Of course, the option to edit tweets will be divisive on Twitter , and it’s not clear that it will be well received. Let’s hope that the company measures its steps well, and only releases the new feature when it has polished all the details well.