Enjoy the best Christmas movies from Prime Video

Mejores pelĂ­culas Prime Video Navidad

Christmas has arrived and you have probably already shared enough with your family. Surely now you want to rest a little and what better way to do it than by watching a Christmas movie? Take into account that if you want to see a Christmas movie, you have come to the right place because today we will show you which are the best of Prime Video.

On the other hand, as today we will teach you the best Prime Video Christmas movies , it is important that you know how to avoid buying movies by mistake on Amazon Prime Video.

The Holiday: a popular Christmas romantic comedy

The Holiday is a romantic comedy in which two women with some love problems decide to exchange houses during Christmas . Iris Simpkins and Amanda Woods are the women who decide to exchange houses in order to have some new experiences. In fact, the two protagonists of this film are going through difficult stages in their jobs and in their lives in general.

Last Christmas: A Romantic Comedy With An Incredible Script Twist

This romantic comedy tells the story of a woman (Emilia Clarke) who accepts a job as an assistant to Santa Claus. Emilia Clarke’s character meets a man who changes her life completely. The best thing about Last Christmas is the unexpected plot twist that emerges at the end of the film .

Fatman: a movie in which Santa Claus is in danger

Fatman is a unique movie because it shows what Santa Claus could be like in real life. In fact, Santa Claus in this movie is a bit grumpy and he wins a problem for giving a charcoal gift to a boy who misbehaved. Santa’s troubles begin when the boy who misbehaved pays a hit man to kill him.

The Grinch: A Christmas Classic on Prime Video

If you doubt, The Grinch is one of the most popular Christmas movies . This film tells the story of The Grinch, a monster who hates Christmas and seeks to end it. However, something in the Grinch’s plans does not go as it should and he begins to question why he hates Christmas.

Black Christmas: a horror movie at Christmas

Black Christmas is a version of a 1974 movie. This Christmas movie takes a different approach because what begins as a celebration of a group of friends over Christmas, ends with some of them fighting for their lives .

These are Prime Video’s 5 best Christmas movies. Now, if you want to see other types of Christmas movies, you must see the 10 Disney + Christmas movies that you cannot miss.