Elon Musk makes an offer to buy Twitter 100%

Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter 100% and has recently launched an offer with which he wants to have full control of the social network, ensuring that it still has a lot of potential to be a platform where freedom of expression is one of its main characteristics.

This decision comes after Elon Musk already bought a small percentage of Twitter last week, but he wants more and it seems that he will not skimp on it, so he has launched a takeover bid to buy the entire social network for 43,000 million dollars. .

This means paying $54.20 a share , which is quite a high price considering that Twitter stock was worth considerably less before the owner of Tesla confirmed his intention to acquire 100% of Twitter, so it seems like an opportunity. perfect.

It seems that it is an irremovable offer , that is, it is the last one that it will present and in case the current owners do not accept it, Elon Musk plans to reconsider his situation as a major shareholder of Twitter, making a series of decisions that are still unknown .

This news is not a surprise and could be expected because he was recently offered a seat on the board of directors of Twitter, but then turned it down without a clear reason, and precisely that decision has surely had a lot to do with this purchase announcement.

Does Elon Musk have money to carry out this operation? Right now yes, it is said that this billionaire has a fortune estimated at 260,000 million dollars , so it would give him enough to buy Twitter several times, so in this sense he would not have problems.

What happens from now on is not known, probably the owners of Twitter will study the offer and the SEC, the US regulatory body, will have to say something about it. Any decision that is made will be known soon, whether you buy or not.

Elon Musk is very serious in his efforts to buy 100% of Twitter and take full control of it for a whopping 43,000 million dollars, money is not lacking, but it will be a complex process that will come in time and we will surely have a resolution soon.