Dynamic Island for MIUI, Xiaomi could implement it from its Redmi K60

Xiaomi Redmi K60 podria implementar Dynamic island nativo

Dynamic Island was one of the great surprises of the iPhone 14 Pro . We knew that Apple would eliminate the notch in this generation of its mobiles, but nobody imagined that the new proposal would be so great. This immediately led Android app developers to try to create something similar for our mobiles. The result? Apps like Smart Bird and EdgeMask, which emulate Apple’s dynamic island experience on Android.

That this happened was to be expected, but there was still a question to be resolved : which Android mobile manufacturer would be the first to copy the idea to Apple? It seems that it will be Xiaomi, because the Redmi K60 could have their own native Dynamic Island .

Xiaomi could be developing its own dynamic island and it could be called “Smart Island”

A few days ago, a video was leaked on Weibo showing a Xiaomi with a widget very similar to Apple’s Dynamic Island . It is the one that we attached above, and in the post we learned that it was a theme for MIUI that was in charge of doing this, although it was in a very early stage of development by the community.

This video led some users of the company to start wondering if we would ever see a Xiaomi with native Dynamic Island . At first there were several questions and assumptions on the air, inside and outside that same publication.

However, a user took advantage of a publication Lu Weibing , the president of Xiaomi China, to introduce the topic through a comment. The user said that he was waiting for the next Redmi K60, wishing that they would implement their own dynamic island . What did the executive do? He responded by asking users if they really considered a Smart Island necessary in the Redmi K60.

As expected, the affirmative answers rained down on Weibing, asking Xiaomi to implement its own Dynamic Island in future mobile phones of the brand. The president of Xiaomi China did not confirm that this is really something that will happen . However, rarely does a senior Xiaomi executive participate in a web thread in this way and then leave everyone with the frizzes done.

We do not know if Xiaomi will implement Dynamic Island in its new Redmi K60 or if it will be a MIUI feature that can be adopted in all its phones with a hole for the front camera. Even so, we will be very attentive to any news, without forgetting that MIUI originally drank a lot from iOS.

Do you agree with Xiaomi having its own dynamic island?