Don't badmouth your boss on Slack because he can read your private conversations

Jefe leer conversaciones privadas Slack

When it comes to working remotely, both Trello and Slack are fairly widely used platforms. However, you should know that your private conversations in Slack are not as private as you think . In fact, your boss can read all your conversations in Slack, so it is best not to badmouth him on this platform.

Your boss can read your private Slack conversations

Slack is quite a popular platform for communicating via video conferencing or instant messaging. In addition, this platform is ideal for teams that work remotely to organize themselves . However, this platform has some problems such as the security flaw that Slack for Android has or even the fact that your boss can read your private conversations.

Take into account that Slack allows you to communicate with entire work teams through its channels or do it individually with direct messages. Generally, several members of a work team have access to the channels, it does not matter if it is a public or private channel. However, direct messages are sent directly between two people, but your boss may still have access to them .

Jefe puede leer conversaciones privadas Slack

Slack allows managers to download and export all the conversations their teams have on the platform, no matter if they are public or private conversations. However, you should know that your boss cannot read your conversations in real time, he can only do so when he downloads all the conversations from his team.

Before 2018, bosses could only download the public conversations of their employees. However, to comply with some laws, Slack decided that if bosses followed some rules, they could download all of their employees’ conversations. In fact, to download the conversations, your boss has to send a request to Slack in which among other things his team members must agree and must have a legal basis.

In short, your boss can have access to your private Slack conversations, but they must complete a certain process. Also, in order for your boss to be able to read your private conversations, they must have the Slack Plus or Business plan . In case your boss has the Free or Standard plan, he can only download the public conversations of his employees.

Either way, it ‘s better to avoid problems and not badmouth your boss in Slack . If you don’t like Slack, you can use Microsot Teams, which is one of the best alternatives to that platform.