Does Digi reduce the speed when spending the gigs included?

If you are a Digi customer, you may have wondered on occasion if Digi slows down when spending all the gigabytes of the contracted rate, a question that is also very interesting for all those people who plan to switch to this company.

When you contract a rate, be it with the operator that it is, it is possible that you find yourself in that situation at some point, there comes a day when you realize that you have spent all the gigabytes of your current rate and you begin to wonder if now the company will charge me.

Really, when that happens, two things can happen, either the company charges you directly for each extra mega consumed outside the normal bonus of your rate, or it simply slows you down and you can continue browsing, but at a speed with which you can do little. .

Digi slow down

Digi lowers the speed as Pepephone also does, that is, once the client consumes the megabytes corresponding to their rate, what the company does is lower the browsing speed and, of course, does not charge a penny for that additional expense. in the fee.

This company confirms in its FAQ section that it reduces the speed to 128 Kbps , but it does not offer unlimited spending of megabytes with which to navigate at that speed, but for each rate there is a limit to navigate at those 128 Kbps, they are the following:

  1. Combo 3 GB + 100 minutes: 1.5 GB.
  2. Combo 10 GB + 400 minutes: 5 GB.
  3. Combo 20 GB + 800 minutes: 5 GB.
  4. Combo 30 GB + 2000 minutes: 5 GB.
  5. Mini 1GB: 500MB.
  6. Unlimited 5GB: 2.5GB.
  7. Unlimited 10GB: 5GB.
  8. Unlimited 20GB: 5GB.
  9. Unlimited 40GB: 5GB.
  10. Extra 500MB: 250MB.
  11. Extra 2GB: 1GB.
  12. Extra 4GB: 2GB.

The ideal is not to reach that situation in which you spend all the megabytes before the expiration date of your rate, although if by chance you have not calculated your spending correctly, you can do two things, or activate data bonuses to continue browsing at high speed or directly call Digi to get a rate with more gigabytes next month, although there is always the option of using the WiFi connection when possible.

And it is that browsing at 128 Kbps can become a not very pleasant experience , especially if you are going to dedicate yourself to watching videos and others, for WhatsApp and similar things you do not need much more, but for other types of things yes. Also, in low speed navigation you have limits.

With all this it is clear that Digi reduces the speed by spending the contracted megabytes or gigabytes up to 128 Kbps, although unlike other companies, for each rate there is a data limit with which you browse at that low speed, so you cannot have unlimited navigation.