Do you already know the best accessories for Nintendo Switch?

If you have a Nintendo Switch, in addition to needing amazing games to have a fun and entertaining day, you may want some Nintendo Switch accessories that will make you get more out of your console. The best thing about the Nintendo Switch is its versatility, since you can play with your game console at home or on the street. You can also connect it to your television or settle for the built-in screen. This, added to the accessories to improve it, will make you enjoy the experience of playing with it anytime, anywhere.

¿Conoces ya los mejores accesorios para Nintendo Switch?

You can play alone or with friends, either locally or online. Even when it comes to your controllers, you can play with them connected to the console screen, a hand grip, or used with accessories for Nintendo Switch.

All these alternatives open the way to a wide variety of accessories, either to enhance the experience for those who play an action game on their television, or those who want to play a racing game with a wheel .

Today is your lucky day: here you will find the best accessories for Nintendo Switch that you can find on the market. You will see how easily you will find a controller, a battery, a case for your favorite Switch games.

Best Nintendo Swicth Accessories of 2021

Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Pro Controller is one of the first Nintendo Switch accessories you should buy. It is a traditional controller that you can use with a game console that has nothing traditional.

In addition, it is ideal for anyone who does not get used to the Joy-Cons controllers , even using the hand grip. Thus, you can choose a similar controller when using it on the Xbox One or the PS4. This accessory is recommended for long sessions .

In relation to the price, it may be somewhat high for a simple remote, but you should keep in mind that it not only includes the motion controls, Amiibo compatibility and HD vibration, but it also has a 40-hour battery and can be used in PC and Mac games.

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Joy-Con controller set for Nintendo Switch

One of the advantages that the Nintendo Switch has, compared to other consoles, is that the multiplayer option is already included in the box , since in many games each player can play only with a Joy-Con controller.

That is, the multiplayer mode is limited to two players if it is played only with the controllers that are included. Surely you want to expand this number in titles like Mario Kart or Arms , which require each player to have a pair of Joy-Cons.

That is where the possibility of buying Joy-Con controllers separately comes into play to have an extra pair and play with your friends at home . You can buy a pair or for left or right controls. You can also select from several color options: blue and red, blue and yellow, green and neon pink,

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Joy-Con Wheel Set for Nintendo Switch

Surely this Nintendo accessory is more of a luxury than a necessity, but if you spend many hours with your Nintendo, you may want to decide to buy a set of Joy-Con Wheel. They arrived on the market according to the launch of Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition.

These are plastic steering wheels very similar to those that were once marketed for the Wii. If you are one of those who got burned using this type of accessories, perhaps those of the Nintendo Switch are not your best alternative. These are small enough that you can take them wherever you want, but they are also large enough that you can use them comfortably. Best of all, they come in a pack of two at a very affordable price .

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Gioteck pack of two grips for Nintendo Switch

This Gioteck handgrip pack works just like the Joy-Con steering wheels, but offers a traditional look and feel in the style of game console controllers . Thus, you should also put your Joy-Cons in the middle of the plastic case, making sure that it does not fall. That will give you more grip and greater access to the rear buttons than if you used a single Joy-Con in multiplayer games.

Although the Duo Grips are more practical to use than the Joy-Cons, it is worth clarifying that they do not offer the same experience of the traditional controller . The dash is a bit narrow and manages to further emphasize the button layout of the Joy-Cons.

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Bluetooth transmitter for Nintendo Switch

If you live with your parents and you don’t want them to know that you’ve been playing the Switch all night, then what you need is a Bluetooth transmitter.

A GULkit Ugreen adapter will allow you to connect a wireless headset to your Nintendo Switch so that you can enjoy all the sound effects of your favorite video game without disturbing anyone . The best thing is that you can connect it to two headphones at the same time.

But if you’re looking for game audio to be heard throughout the house, use this same Bluetooth transmitter to connect to a wireless speaker.

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Anker PowerCore + 20100 USB C

One of the failures of the Nintendo Switch is, without a doubt, the autonomy of its battery. Fortunately, Nintendo offers us a solution thanks to the fact that the Switch can be charged through its USB-C port. In this way, you will be able to use any compatible power bank on the market and it will not cost you to find one that allows you to charge the battery several times.

The most recommended is the Anker PowerCore + , since it has a very powerful battery, apart from that it is easy to transport and the mere fact that it is Anker offers great confidence.

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Venom Battery and Holder

In case you need a power bank, but don’t have to carry it with you as a separate accessory, this Venom battery and holder could be of interest to you. Unlike the power bank described above, this one attaches directly to the body of your Nintendo Switch .

Apart from giving you the possibility of charging your Switch, this accessory also incorporates a stand so that you can use it in desktop mode .

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Syncwire USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable

With this type of charger you can have one or two more charging cables in addition to the one included in the box. You can keep one in your backpack and another in the office . The good thing about this console is that you can take it anywhere as long as you have a compatible cable and a USB port to connect it to.

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Snakebyte case for Nintendo Switch

A bag so you can take your Nintendo Switch where you are not afraid of breaking it is the best option . In this case, you can choose any alternative on the market, but the most recommended is the Snakebyte cover.

This soft neoprene sleeve from Snakebyte prevents the Nintendo Switch screen from breaking or hitting your body. It is the ideal size to store the console with the Joy-Con controllers connected.

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