Discover the Latest WiFi 7 Devices: Revolutionizing Internet

Recently, during the prestigious CES event, the WiFi Alliance, the authority responsible for certifying devices compatible with wireless connections, officially unveiled WiFi 7 certification. This certification marks a significant step forward in wireless technology.

The Current Landscape

Currently, the WiFi Alliance’s website lists devices that have received WiFi 7 certification. Although the number of compatible devices is limited, it’s projected that by 2024, approximately 233 million devices will support this technology, with a staggering 2.1 billion devices expected to be ready by 2028.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

One standout device in the WiFi 7 lineup is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, a flagship model from the Korean tech giant. Powered by the Qualcomm FastConnect 7800 processor, which recently received WiFi 7 certification, this smartphone promises to harness the full potential of the new connectivity standard. While the software update enabling WiFi 7 is pending, Samsung users can anticipate a seamless transition.

Computers and Routers

Computers are poised to adopt WiFi 7 rapidly, and the Intel BE200 processor is one of the first products to receive this certification. If you’re in the market for a new computer, keep an eye out for this chip or similar ones from the certified list to ensure blazing-fast connections in the years to come. Brands like Razer are also embracing WiFi 7, with the Razer Blade 14 already supporting this technology.

High-Performance Routers

Routers play a crucial role in our home connections, and now you can find routers certified with WiFi 7. The Archer BE800, for instance, offers two 2.5 Gbps ports and two 10 Gbps ports, making it a formidable choice. Additionally, the TP-Link Deco BE85 shares similar features, including two 10 Gbps ports and two 2.5 Gbps ports, available at an attractive price on platforms like Amazon.

In conclusion, WiFi 7 is ushering in a new era of connectivity. With an array of devices embracing this technology, it won’t be long before ultra-fast internet becomes a reality for many. Stay tuned for software updates and new releases as the WiFi 7 revolution continues to unfold.