Discover all secret Android MMI codes

todos códigos secretos android

Android is known for having many secrets inside, including Easter eggs for each version of the system. There are also a series of hidden codes that will help you discover a lot of information about your mobile and access some hidden apps.

Some are codes that apply to any mobile with the Google operating system, while others only apply to certain manufacturers. Do you want to know them all? Then read on to find out all the Android secret codes and what they are for .

What are Android Secret Dialing Codes?

qué son códigos ocultos android

As we mentioned above, the secret codes of a mobile are a series of commands that allow you to execute specific actions on your device. They are also known as Android MMI codes , as they are part of the device’s human-machine interface (MMI).

How are the MMI codes of your mobile activated? Easy: just open the calling app, enter the code you need to execute and your smartphone will immediately receive the command. Do the secret dialing codes have something that characterizes them? Yes, three things:

  • All Android MMI codes begin with * (asterisk) .
  • Secret codes can end with * (asterisk) or # (hash / pound) .
  • Android hidden codes do not require network connection to work.

MMI codes allow access to advanced system features, so be careful when using them

You may be wondering whether these MMI codes and Android USSD codes are the same, but they are not. They have a similar function, but USSD codes require a data connection and are designed to communicate with the servers of your operator, mobile payment services and location-based content. Meanwhile, MMI codes only offer information that is already on your device .

And now that you know this, you can move on to the list of all Android MMI dialing codes. We sort them by manufacturer/customization layer, but first you’ll find the ones that apply to any Android device.

All Android MMI Secret Codes and What They Do

códigos secretos genéricos android

MMI code
*#06# It shows the IMEI of your device (there will be one for each line that your mobile has).
*#07# Indicates the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of radio frequency emitted by your mobile and absorbed by your body when using it.
*#*#225#*#* It shows on the screen the number of events you have stored in the calendar.
*#*#426#*#* Access to Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) diagnostics with information related to Google services.
*#*#759#*#* Open Rlz Debug UI , a section where you will find information about your device and you can also activate the OEM mode to unlock the bootloader and root your mobile.
*#*#4636#*#* Displays a test menu with information about your mobile , battery and network statistics.

Hidden MMI codes of the most popular Android manufacturers

As we said before, although Android has a series of generic codes that work on any device, mobile manufacturers also have their own MMI codes . We will show you what are the secret codes of the main brands that use Android as an operating system.

Secret codes for ASUS mobiles – ZenUI

códigos ocultos móviles asus

*#07# Display regulatory information about your mobile.
.12345+= Open the engineer mode of your device. It runs on the official ASUS calculator.

Hidden codes for Google Pixel mobiles – Android

By using stock Android (not AOSP) with a few improvements to enjoy the so-called “Pixel Experience”, Google phones are limited to using the generic Android MMI codes.

Hidden codes for Motorola smartphones – Android

códigos secretos motorola

Despite carrying stock Android, Motorola mobiles have a couple of exclusive MMI codes on their devices. Are these:

Motorola MMI code
*#*#2486#*#* Access the engineer mode of your mobile. In many cases you will first need to enable engineer mode from fastboot before running this dial code.
*#07# Display regulatory information about your mobile.

MMI codes for Nokia devices – Android

código mmi secreto nokia

As with Motorola, Nokia phones also have an exclusive MMI code despite having stock Android. Is this:

Nokia MMI code
*#*#372733#*#* Open the service mode , also known as the Nokia FQC menu.

Hidden codes for OnePlus mobiles – OxygenOS / HydrogenOS

códigos ocultos mmi oneplus

Although OnePlus is integrating more and more with OPPO, and although HydrogenOS will soon disappear from China, OnePlus’ customization layer maintains its exclusive MMI codes.

MMI codes for Realme smartphones – Realme UI

códigos secretos mmi realme

Realme MMI code
*#800# It shows the factory mode in which you can access all kinds of information about your mobile.
*#888# Details the version of the PCB of the motherboard of your mobile.
*#6776# Indicate the software version of your smartphone and some additional details.

Secret codes for Samsung devices – One UI

códigos secretos mmi samsung

Samsung MMI code
*#0*# Open the hardware diagnostics menu .
*#011# Shows information about your network connection .
*#0228# Lists information about the battery status .
*#0283# Open the Loopback Test configuration .
*#0808# Shows the USB configuration of your mobile.
*#1234# Indicate the software version and other details of your mobile.
*#2663# Lists advanced information about the firmware .
*#7353# Shows the quick test menu .
*#9090# Open the Advanced Debugging Tools menu .
*#9900# You will enter the system dump mode (SysDump).
*#2683662# Shows the advanced service mode .
*#34971539# Lists advanced information about the camera’s firmware .

Secret codes for Sony smartphones – Xperia UI

códigos secretos sony xperia android

Sony MMI code
*#*#73788423#*#* Show the service menu of your device.
*#07# Display regulatory information about your mobile.

Secret MMI codes for Xiaomi mobiles – MIUI and MIUI for POCO

códigos secretos xiaomi miui poco

Xiaomi MMI Code
*#*#64663#*#* Displays the hardware diagnostic menu (also known as QC Test).

With this we finish the list of secret codes for Android mobiles, although we will probably add new manufacturers in the coming weeks. Which company should we add? Do you know of any other MMI codes that we may have missed? Drop by the comment box if you want to give us a hand.