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Batch check keyword rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Freeware, Download Now!

From CuteRank v2.4.0, you can easily demonstrate your SEO results to your clients with the “Export Profile” and “Import Profile” function, in addition to the Report function.

Let’s take an example, if you are providing SEO service for a client who’s owning website

Step 1. Use the “Export Profile” function (commercial edition) to export profile “”. You can select a specific time range.

Step 2. Ask your client to download a free edition of CuteRank. It’s free, so it’s meaning there is no attached cost to your SEO service.

Step 3. Send your client the exported profile file through the Internet or bring it to them in a portable device if you’d like.

Step 4. Import the exported profile file with CuteRank free edition at your client’s place and demonstrate your SEO results to you client as if you view it at your place.

Isn’t that easy? Tell us what you think.

CuteRank Team

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