DAZN will rise in price in Spain because of football

Sooner or later, it seems that DAZN will raise the price of subscriptions in Spain and all because of the football that the platform will start broadcasting soon, a decision that will probably not please many of its customers, but it is a logical decision.

The blame for the price increase is justified by the high outlay that DAZN has probably made for the football rights , which it will have for the next 5 seasons and it is a way of trying to compensate for that great expense that they have made.

An official announcement of DAZN in Spain has not yet been made, but it has been in Germany and even indicating the new prices with which the subscriptions will cost in that country, so that means that the rise in costs in our country is a matter of very Little time.

Between 30% and 40% rise

It is not possible to speak of a specific price that the different DAZN subscriptions will have with the price increase applied, but it is estimated that it could be around a 30-40% increase , that is, the monthly subscription that now costs 9.99 €/month could reach a maximum of, it seems, €14.

The annual plan could suffer a practically identical increase, that is, between 30-40%, if we take into account the last percentage, the annual DAZN subscription in Spain would go from costing €99.99/year to €140/year approximately, which is a fairly significant increase.

Where if the DAZN price increase has been officially announced is in Germany, it has been the platform itself on its Twitter profile that the prices of the different plans will be these:

  1. Monthly plan: €29.99/month.
  2. Annual plan: €274.99/year.
  3. Annual plan with monthly payment: €299.98/year, but paying €24.99/month monthly.

This increase will begin to take effect from February 1, but the interesting thing is that, if a user already has a subscription before January 31, the price will not be modified until July 31, 2022, it will be necessary to see if they will do something similar in Spain.

What seems obvious is that DAZN will raise the price in Spain of its different subscriptions in Spain once it incorporates football into its sports content catalog, although the unknown is knowing how much the different installments will be (monthly and annual plan) and when it will produce.

Via: The Independent