DAZN will offer a price based on the number of devices

DAZN is preparing an important change in its subscriptions , it could start offering rates with different prices depending on the number of devices , a fact that could occur due to the official arrival of football content on the platform.

We already have some clue as to where DAZN wants in its likely subscription program, it seems that in Italy they could soon start offering more types of subscriptions than those that currently exist, so future subscribers will have more contracting options .

Apart from the type of content broadcast, DAZN would present subscriptions based on the number of devices, image quality provided and even the number of simultaneous transmissions, so the user could choose a subscription that best suits their needs.

More variety of subscriptions

What DAZN intends is to offer more subscriptions than those that currently exist , in Spain we only have monthly and annual subscriptions, with prices of €9.99/month and €99.99/year respectively, but that will change soon because DAZN will rise prices soon.

Therefore, this new change in the subscription program will be expanded and more à la carte options will be offered because not all the content that DAZN broadcasts may always be of interest or you even need to play the platform on fewer devices, or you want high quality.

Be that as it may, this will be a positive change for future subscribers and could perhaps mean the arrival of new DAZN subscriptions that are more “basic” and cheaper , but also more limited. This seems to be the trend, something other platforms are also working on.

And it is necessary to remember that Disney + will have a cheaper subscription in exchange for having ads. It might not be the case for DAZN, but it seems clear that streaming platforms want to go one step further and offer more types of subscriptions than usual.

Future DAZN subscriptions could have one price or another depending on the number of devices, transmissions and quality, although it is not officially confirmed, so it is not even known if this will be a reality, but we will have to see what happens next.

Via: Advanced-Television