CuteRank Reviewed by View SEO

CuteRank was recently reviewed by, a website about professional views on search engine optimization. Here are some abstract from the originail review:

What Does CuteRank SEO Software Do?

The CuteRank SEO software allows you to setup multiple sites or profiles as they are referred to in the software. This allows webmaster or seo services to monitor all there sites using one application, nice! Once you setup your profiles you can add or remove keywords to track as needed.

Each keyword is ran against searches on all the most popular search engines and you can see what place on the search results page of each search engine your site is listed. All this info is converted into a nice color coded graph so you can visually see where your site stands on each search engine for each search term you specify.

As time goes on, the graph becomes much more useful as you can track and see the increase or decline of your sites search engine standings. Now, this tool will not make your site rank better, but knowing where you are at should let you know which keywords you need to be focusing on and which ones you are already doing well with. This type of information is imperative to any seo expert or any webmaster that wants to keep the traffic flowing!

To read the full review please click here

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