CuteRank 2.4.0 Release Note 02/22/2010

Following improvements and changes have been made in CuteRank 2.4.0:


  • Export (commercial edition) and import profile
  • Proxy function to get unbiased rankings, safely
  • Organize keywords into keyword groups
  • Customize company name and email for HTML report (commercial edition)
  • Quick filter keywords in profile list
  • Search engine ‘Australia(’
  • Click on keyword in Profile view will switch to its graph in main window
  • Show profile created time on left information corner
  • RSS subscriptioin menu in Help


  • CuteRank startup speed optimized
  • Use new icon
  • Menu bar redesigned
  • URL clickable in HTML report


  • Open HTML report error when using FireFox browser
  • Update single keyword error when select more than one keyword
  • Can not export report when profile name contains “http://”

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