CuteRank 2.3.0 Release Note 02/01/2010

Following improvements and changes have been made in CuteRank 2.3.0:


  • Can add note for node in ranking chart
  • Can set search results depth
  • ‘Sweden(’ support
  • ‘Austria(’ support
  • ‘Canada(,, French language support
  • ‘Date’ and ‘Rank’ filter option for export report function
  • Update multiple selected keywords at a time
  • Added Online Forum


  • Report in HTML format UI more friendly


  • Can not get correct rank when update the same keyword too many times in short time
  • Can not get results when the profile name contains capital letter
  • Did not save data when create new profile at first time bug
  • Can not get correct sorting in rank summary table
  • URL mis-recognition

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