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Following improvements and changes have been made in CuteRank 2.2.0:


  • Updating process is more smooth
  • Automatic remove duplicated keywords when adding new keywords
  • Continue update remaining keywords when last profile updating was not completed


  • Display all search engine trend lines for one keyword in one graph
  • Quick filter for choosing search engines
  • Show basic info (profile title, keywords name and keywords count) above chart
  • Show ‘Update failed’ info when keyowrds update get error
  • Added auto updater in Free Edition


  • When the user leaves the final page in Add Keywords Wizard, the keywords list does not clean up
  • Some rankings can not complete for AOL when updating huge amount keywords
  • Auto detect meta can not get results without ‘/’ character
  • Can not reduce selections when set search engines
  • Go to the wrong page when rank is 10 for Ask and other search engines
  • Click ‘Hide’ in profile update alert dialog will close program when CuteRank is minimized to task bar


  • Redraw the chart inferface
  • Remove the duplicated keywords when import keywords from other profiles

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