Changing your Android for an iPhone on the Apple website is now a little more absurd

Apple’s website , like that of many other manufacturers, offers the possibility of buying your current smartphone in exchange for a discount for the purchase of a new iPhone. This exchange has been active for years and Apple has always given the possibility of “buying” Android mobiles. How could it be otherwise, in this type of exchange the value of smartphones is not too high. In exchange for a safe purchase, Apple offers a ridiculous amount for some models. As of today this figure is even lower if you offer an Android mobile to the company.

Your Android phone is now worth less to Apple

This type of service always has the same objective in all companies: to offer a price below the market in exchange for a safe purchase. If you put your smartphone up for sale, you may or may not sell it. With this system you make sure that yes or yes they will buy it from you . The bad news is that its price will be low.

From now on, Apple’s website will pay you even less money if your mobile is an Android. As we can read in Gizchina, the prices offered by the company drop by about 100 euros / dollars in the most advanced models.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Was $545 – Now $405
  • Samsung Galaxy S21+: Was $435 – Now $325
  • Google Pixel 3a, 3a XL and 3 XL: $50
  • Google Pixel 4: $125
  • Google Pixel 5: $235

It is a drastic drop in prices for all Android models that Apple includes in the program. Not all of them are included, since the price that the company can offer you for a mid-range car that is 1 year old can be so ridiculous that it would border on satire.

Our recommendation is that you never make this type of exchange with companies , as they will pay a very low price for an Android or Apple device . The best option is to try to sell the terminal on a sales platform such as Wallapop or MilAnuncios.