Import Multiple Profiles from Text File

For webmasters who has a lot of websites and keywords, it is not very convenient to add profiles and keywords one by one in CuteRank previous versions. Now with CuteRank 2.7.0, it is easy to create multiple profiles at a time by importing profiles from text file.

Organize Your Keywords in Keyword Groups

If you are managing a lot of keywords like me, you may understand how to organize these keywords in a good order is so important in improving the efficiency. This is exactly why the idea hit me that I need to organize these keywords in keyword groups just like what Google Adwords does.

Update Remaining Keywords

For some reasons (usually search engine server slow response or internet connections problems), checking keyword rankings on specific search engines may fail. You may have already noticed “Update Failed” in the Profile View. In these cases, if we want to update only the “Update Failed” keywords, we can use the “Update Remaining Keywords” function.