"Cannot continue editing": how to fix this error on Instagram?

No se puede seguir editando Instagram soluion historia

If you are trying to create a story on Instagram, and when choosing a photo from your mobile gallery, the following message appears : “You cannot continue editing. There was a problem editing the photo. A report was sent to Instagram ” , do not despair, solving it is very easy .

This is one of the many errors that say “present” in the version of Instagram for Android. Although the causes can be several , it is not necessary to review them, since the important thing is to solve it in order to continue uploading stories to the social network without experiencing problems.

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How to fix the “Cannot continue editing” error on Instagram?

Solucionar error No se puede seguir editando Instagram

As we mentioned at the beginning of the note, this error only appears when you want to edit a photo within a Storie , that is, you will not experience this problem when uploading an image to the Instagram feed.

Clear the application cache on your mobile

Borrar cache Instagram Android

There are times when the Instagram app for Android caches these types of errors . Luckily, fixing this error by clearing the cache is a very effective action.

If you do not know how to do it, do not worry, here we have made a tutorial that will explain step by step how to clear the cache of applications on Android.

From now on, we want to leave you alone by clarifying that this will not delete your account , nor will it delete the images that you have uploaded to Instagram, everything will remain the same.

Change the format of the image you want to upload to Instagram

Cambiar formato de imagen compatible Instagram

Sometimes this problem cannot be considered an error , since the social network does not support all kinds of image formats. If you are trying to upload a photo that has an incompatible format to Instagram, you will have to change that format to JPEG or PNG.

You don’t have to turn on your computer to change the format of an image, as there are applications to convert images on Android that you can download for free on your phone.

Update the Instagram application to the latest version

Actualizar aplicacion Instagram en Android

Another cause that can cause the “Cannot continue editing” error to appear on Instagram could be related to the version of the app you have installed on your mobile.

There are times when developers release new versions that come with problems. To prevent this from continuing to affect the correct operation of the app on your mobile, we recommend manually updating Instagram, this should solve any type of error in the blink of an eye.

With nothing else to add in this regard, in the event that none of these solutions have worked for you, you will have to uninstall and re-download the Instagram app on your smartphone.